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Author: Rachel Caine
Release Date: February 1, 2011
Publisher: ROC
ISBN: #978-0451463838
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format(s): Paperback (320 pgs), ebook
I received a copy of this book from the PUBLISHER for the purposes of an honest review.
From the author’s website:
Cassiel has survived being thrown out of the supernatural Djinn community and learning how to live as a human … but now, her oldest, fiercest enemy is growing in power, and the end of the human race looms closer each day. Cassiel’s time is running out to stop the mad Djinn Pearl from killing all life on the planet, including the sentient Earth itself.
What B is talking about:
Cassiel, a former Djinn, and her Earth Warden partner, Luis Rocha, have just saved his niece, Isabel from a power-hungry Djinn named Pearl, who has been using her cult of followers to abduct child Wardens, like “Ibby,” in her bid for absolute power. After taking Ibby to a special “school” for these gifted children, Cassiel and Luis learn that, not only have these children been indoctrinated into Pearl’s blindly devoted faithful, she has triggered the manifestation of their powers long before they are equipped to control them, so that she can seize their vast power for herself. Racing to stop Pearl before she can destroy the entire world, Cassiel must reconcile what remains of her Djinn nature and the inner strength of her very human heart. 
Even though this is the third book in the Outcast Season series, Unseen was pleasantly welcoming to me as a new reader. There were certainly details that I would have appreciated earlier in the story, but their absence didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the novel. Cassiel is an delightful heroine, in that she’s strong and constantly trying to balance the coolly logical inclinations of her Djinn heritage with the human emotions she once disdained, but now embraces. 
The love between Cassiel and Luis only briefly takes center stage, but it still resonates throughout the story, propelling the two characters along the various arcs of the story, and ultimately, back to each other. By turns punishing and sweet, the romance between the two takes a back seat to their destinies and the battles they engage in along the way. 
Although I had a difficult time grasping some of the nuances of the world Caine has created at first, Unseen was a satisfying read. Her heroine is complex and smart, and her dual nature made for an interesting perspective throughout. The action was often intense and exciting as well. I hope to be able to more thoroughly explore the entire series soon. 
B’s Rating:
Really enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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