Sunday Snippets #45

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Sins of the Heart by Eve Silver 
August 2010
“Not gonna happen.”
“No?” He arched one straight brow. “You might change your mind.”
She tried to edge sideways, but he gad a solid grip on the sheet, limiting her choices. Either she stayed exactly where she was and kept her cover, or she dropped it and bolted.
He was too close, too tempting, and she was wearing a film of three-day sweat. That was pretty much the only thing that kept her from dropping the sheet and grabbing him.
The pounding of her pulse marked the seconds.
She held his gaze, aching, wanting, knowing on every level that letting him get close to her was a mistake.
Don’t touch him. Don’t ache for him. For the love of Aset, don’t have sex with him.
But that was the thing about common sense. It was only worth something if she chose to heed it.
And right now, the way he was looking at her, like he was starving and she was a nice, rare steak, made her want to bury her common sense six feet under.
She took a single step toward him. 
His expression shifted, hardened, like that of a predator catching a scent.
Dropping the sheet, she bolted.