IAD Discussion: No Rest for the Wicked

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Hello friends and welcome to the this month’s Immortals After Dark 2011 Reading Challenge Discussion. The idea is for this to be an “open thread” to discuss the third IAD story (second book):
No Rest For The Wicked
I’ll list a few questions to kick it off, then please follow with your own points, additional questions and general comments. PLEASE keep the discussion the this book or the prior two stories and NO future stories. 
ALSO – IF YOU HAVE A REVIEW for No Rest for the Wicked, please include a link below in the comment section! I will be posting my review either later today or over the weekend.
Lastly… Note to those that have not read No Rest for the Wicked: Spoilers *may* be listed below, so beware!
1) Sebastian and Kaderin… what do you think? Did you like how they met? Their “courtship?” Treatment of one another? Did they have an emotional impact on you?
2) How did you like the action in this book? What did you think of the Hie? 
3) What was/were your favorite and/or least favorite parts?  What open-ended question or character are you most looking forward to reading about coming up in the series?
4) Anyone else wonder about the mythology… The mothers of the Valkyrie were warrior women that died in battle, brought back to life by gods, then have a daughter(s) who are immortal. What about the moms? What happened to them? 
5) Another “general” thought I had when reading this book… Vampire’s and their Brides: in the first story, Myst claimed that she had been the Bride to several vampires before she killed them. And in this book, Nikolai jumped to the conclusion that Sebastian was going to claim Myst as his Bride… Does it “bother” anyone else that a vampire can “fall” for a Bride that isn’t his destined mate?
Okay folks… discuss away… I’ll be back to answer the questions later!

4 responses to “IAD Discussion: No Rest for the Wicked

  1. I feel like this is one of the books in the series that kind of gets lost in the shuffle. I mean, I don’t think we really see what happens to these two after this book, do we? For the most part, though, I enjoyed watching these two fall in love and overcome their issues, and I was interested in how both of them being pretty inexperienced when it came to relationships played a role in their opinions of each other.

  2. Sorry babe, my comment went clean out of my head and my brain has turned to mush because of those hypnotic Joe photos running across my eye. Sigh.

  3. Well it appears that we don’t have a big discussion this month, but that’s okay! Here’s what I have to say:

    1) LOVE them together! (See my review) I felt that with all of their issues they came together nicely. Moments of joy and sadness. good stuff.

    2) I felt the action in this book made for a fast-paced story. Enjoyed it. The Hie was an opportunity to see other creatures of Lore.

    3) I felt the part when the two separate over the Drug Lord was so emotional and powerful. And when Sebastian hardens himself to be worth… broke my heart. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Bowen.

    4&5) was hoping for other opinions… mine is above in the post!

  4. http://jadedwolfsbigbadblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/no-rest-for-wicked-by-kresley-cole.html

    1) I thought they made such a great couple. Sebastian was so innocent and Kaderin brought him out his shell and he showed her how to feel again. It had the ‘Aww’ factor for me.

    2)I really liked the hie cause I’m a myth addict and I love finding out about mythical treasures plus I adore Indiana Jones, so anything similar to that and I’m happy. It was something different from the run of the mill HEA’s.

    3)Same as you Jen, I can’t wait to read about Bowen. I felt so sorry for him at the minefield. I also want to know about the siren and the baby. My favourite bit was towards the end when she ran into his arms and his heart was aching. I’m a soppy romantic.

    4)I did kind of wonder when it was mentioned about Kaderin’s mother but I just assumed we’d meet her eventually.

    5) I haven’t read the novella yet so I can’t really comment but I do think it’s sad if they don’t have a destined Bride. I think that’s the whole romance of it all if she is the only one to call hi blooding. If anyone can do it then it just seems not that special.

    My review is above but as with all my reviews, it’s short and sweet.

    Nancy 🙂