Sunday Snippets #50

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Lover Awakened by JR Ward  
Signet Eclipse 
September 2006
“I want to kiss you here,” she said. “All right?”
He nodded and licked his lips.
The moment her mouth made contact, his body jerked like someone had yanked all of his arms and legs at once. She didn’t stop. She sucked the piercing in and twirled her tongue around it.
Zsadist moaned, the low sound a great rumble in his chest; then he inhaled with a hiss. His head pitched back into the pillow, but he kept it at an angle so he could keep watching her.
When she flicked the silver hoop, then tugged on it a little, he arched off the bed, one leg bending up, his heel digging into the mattress. She tickled his nipple again and then again until he balled the comforter in his fist.
“Oh… fuck, Bella…” He was breathing in a hard, raw rhythm, heat radiating out of him. “What are you doing to me?” 
“Do you want me to stop?”
“Either that or do it harder.”
“How about a little more?”
“Yeah… a little more.”
She worked him with her mouth, playing with the ring, driving him until his hips started to swivel.


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  1. ~D

    Just great, now I want to put down the book I’m reading to go pull this one out and re-read it. Well, only certain parts…like the rest of that scene you quoted!! 😉

    I love Z and Bella. They are my favorite of this series!