G’day from Australia

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Well, I am BACK… still recovering, but I’m home.  First, I want to send a HUGE thank you to my dear friend Una for keeping my blog moving while I was away. I also want to thank each of you who stopped by and said hello to her.

My husband and I spent 10 wonderful (kid-free) days Down Under in Australia (plus 2 days of travel, but who’s counting?)

The first half of the trip was spent with my cousin, her fiance and her friends in Melbourne. Melbourne is in the Southeastern part of the country.  We did some sight-seeing in the city, then drove along the Great Ocean Road (runs along the southern shores of Australia).  Here are a few highlights:


Bells Beach (surfing mecca).

Early morning pre-sunrise. The bright spots are Venus, 
Mars and (just visible if you enlarge) Jupiter.

Hopetoun Falls in the Otway State Forest.

My cousin and housemate checking out my blog! 
I have some new fans!

One of the highlights was meeting fellow 
book lover and “tweep” @Envyious 
Yes… she is truly that adorable in real life!
Next, we headed north to Sydney. This was a totally different experience.  Sydney is made for tourism, and we were there with my husband’s company, so it was truly an upscale experience. We did the famous bridge climb, toured the Blue Mountains, ran all over the city on a family “Amazing Race” adventure and had a private dinner and performance at the Sydney Opera House.  Here are some photos:
The Sydney Skyline (partial) from Circle Quay (near our hotel).

I swear I was looking for Nemo.

The Opera House from the Harbour.

Sydney Harbour Bridge… See that flag at the top? 
Yes, I climbed there!

At the top of the bridge.

Petting a koala.

Our last night we had a gala dinner in the Opera House. 
This is a view of the dinner.

The evening ended with a private concert by Jennifer Hudson.

Yes, it was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime type of trip. If you want to be board by my other 100 photos, just give me a shout! I am glad to be home and I did eventually miss my kiddos. Now I’m trying to recover from the long weekend celebrations – I think I ate one too many BBQs.

Thanks to all and Happy Reading!!


9 responses to “G’day from Australia

  1. OMG such wonderful pictures!

    (LOLOLOL you’re making me blush again)

    hey you got to touch a koala 😀 😀 😀 and dared to brave the top of the Sydney Harbor bridge, as an acrophobic I’m VERY impressed lol how was the view from there?

    Ironic that you’re in Australia but you saw Jennifer Hudson XP

  2. …forgot to say that you were looking for Nemo in the wrong place lol he’s gone back home to Queensland rofl ;P

  3. Camille: Yea, I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have Men At Work or Inxs… or even Kylie Minogue… or Olivia!! But oh well!

    Stacy: It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

  4. What beautiful pics! And what an incredible experience. I’ve always wanted to visit the Opera House! Welcome back, Jen! 🙂

  5. It was fantastic having you Jen!!! I’m proud to be one of your new fans; maybe I can be a guest blogger sometime…

    Your blog on your trip to Australia rivals Oprah’s two shows she did while down here. Maybe tourism Australia should have sponsored your trip to OZ!


  6. Una: Once again… THANK YOU!

    Liz: It was amazing but I am glad to be home.

    Binz: Can’t wait to see you again in August!