Review: Here’s Blood In Your Eye

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Here’s Blood In Your Eye
Author: Kami Cummings 
Release Date: April 2011
Publisher: Smashwords (self-published)
Genre: Erotic Romance
Format(s): ebook (short story)

I received a copy of this book from the author for the purposes of an honest review.
From the author’s website:
Fame, fortune and females are the life for Russell Schmidt! However, reaching rock-star status through his self-published vampire novels isn’t enough. Trailing after a mysterious woman in red leads to heights of ecstasy he’s never known. But Russ soon finds the tables turned, and his next one-night stand may be to die for!
What B is talking about:
Russell Schmidt has accomplished the seemingly impossible in the world of self-publishing. Thanks to a generous inheritance, a knack for writing, and a lot of self-confidence, he’s attained “rock star” status with his vampire novels, and isn’t shy about taking full advantage. 
I have to say, I didn’t like Russell. He’s spoiled and arrogant, and has no remorse whatsoever for his womanizing. He’s an unapologetic liar and scam artist, for the most part, and his fictitious persona is absolutely over-the-top.
But, that’s part of the fun of Here’s Blood In Your Eye. At just twenty-two pages on my e-reader, Cummings packs a lot of undesirable details into very few pages. At some point, I realized I was enjoying my dislike of Russell. That the entire story is told as a vaguely remorseful flashback from Russell’s current unfortunate situation makes his unhappy ending a guarantee (which, in turn, gave me a measure of satisfaction about the whole thing). 
Warning: if depictions of explicit sex in your reading don’t interest you, this short story will not appeal. So, don’t read this one if graphic sexual scenes, including anal sex between a man and woman, offend you. Having said that, there’s really only one sex scene in the story, but it’s a highly compressed one, given all the maneuvers involved.
There are a few editing issues I noticed, but Here’s Blood In Your Eye is a fairly well written short story. It’s not very thought provoking or insightful, but it doesn’t need to be. Cummings has written a quick, naughty story with an unexpected twist where the main character is less-than-lovable and seeing the tables get turned proves to be fairly enjoyable after all.
My Rating: 
Liked it, but had some issues – Recommend (B)