Sunday Snippets #59

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A Lifetime to Find Love
Lazy Day Publishing 
April 6, 2011
“As I was saying, I went to that bar wanting to get you out of my head, but I couldn’t. Every woman I came across just didn’t compare to you, Tess. They didn’t take my breath away the way you do just from a simple look. You, Tess, you are the one that makes my heart skip every time I’m near you or from just a thought of you.” Taking a deep breath, “I’m sorry I didn’t call you after what happened at your house. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say to you. I thought, hell, I don’t know what I thought. All I know is that I want to give this a go; you and me. I don’t know if it will work out, but I can’t just walk away without trying.”
“Shut up Cade,” Tessa said softly. She wanted him to shut up and kiss her no matter that he was on his knees confessing his feelings for her.
Cade was shocked. Tessa had just blurted out the last thing he expected. He’d planned out perfectly what he wanted to say, but it wasn’t unfolding the way he envisioned it. He would tell her how he really felt and she would throw herself at him. That’s how it was supposed to happen. Not with Tessa though, nothing ever came that easy where she was concerned. Here he was pouring out his heart and soul and she tells him to shut up. That was so typical Tessa he thought. Cade slowly started to get up off his knees. Nothing had prepared him for this, he felt as if he’d just been sucker punched in the gonads and left at a loss as to how he should even react to her words.
With more conviction than anything she had ever said in her life, Tessa asked, “Are you going to kiss me or just keep talking?”
Cade grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the car quickly as he stood before she changed her mind. He hooked his fingers into her front belt loops and pulled her into his hard body. He needed her as close as possible.
Tessa’s body trembled with anticipation as he bent ever so slowly to kiss her. She had dreamed of this, of Cade’s mouth on hers. She was finally going to feel those lips against hers; she was going to taste that delicious mouth on her tongue. He gently pressed his lips to hers, tracing the seam of her mouth with his tongue. Tessa let out a small gasp and as she did, Cade’s tongue slipped into her mouth. He explored her mouth with such gentleness it made her knees weak. She felt completely weightless as she leaned into Cade, not wanting a single wisp of air between them. Her hands, of their own accord, made a caressing sweep from his abdomen up to wrap around his neck. Cade’s own hands began to move, one wrapping around her waist and pulling her even closer, the other cupping the side of her face. As he continued to kiss her, his lips against hers became more bruising while his thumb gently stroked her cheek. She took all that he was giving her and wanted more. Tessa hadn’t realized that her hands had slid up and cupped the back of Cade’s head pulling him deeper into her mouth until he slowly pulled away from her laughing. Both were trying to pull air into their lungs as Cade leaned his forehead against Tessa’s. Placing his lips to her mouth once more, he kissed his way from her lips to her neck.
“It is so good to finally have you in my arms,” Cade whispered as he nipped at her ear.