Sunday Snippet #63

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Shadow Walker 
Berkley Sensation
June 7, 2011

“Among dragons, it’s more common to be alone,” Mick said. “We need so much territory, and when humans overran the world, there wasn’t a lot of room left for us. We’ve been dying out for centuries.”
Mick didn’t talk much about his dragon background, only occasionally feeding me bits of information. He’d once told me about a lady dragon he’d planned to take as mate, long ago. She’d been stolen from him by another dragon, and she’d later died. He’d been alone since.
The dragon council, a triumvirate who enforced dragon law, had assigned Mick to watch over me. The original assignment had been to kill me, but Mick had turned things his own way. He was still watching over me.
“Dying out?” I repeated.
“Slowly. Nothing to worry about. Dragons live a long time.” 
“Maybe, but do Stormwalkers?”
“Mick’s smile vanished, and I saw a deep and ageless pain in his eyes. “I don’t know. That’s why I want to enjoy every minute I can with you.” 
I knew what he meant. He would watch me age and die before he changed much himself. He know he’d lose me, and he was already preparing himself for it.
“You should find a lady dragon,” I said, trying to make my voice light. “Someone who can be with you for another couple of centuries, someone who can live inside a volcano with you.”
Mick laced his fingers though mine. “A lady dragon hasn’t snared me. You have.” He leaned to me, his eyes darkening. “Mate isn’t just a word to me, Janet. It never has been. I want you as my  mate in all ways, in bed and out of it. I want to give you all I have, all that I am.” 

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