Sunday Snippets #61

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Vampire in Atlantis
Berkley Sensation Publishing 
June 7, 2011
With a desperation born of passion, he took her mouth with his own. Claimed it–claimed her–though he could never deserve to keep her. Kissed her as if he were a dying man and she the only chance at life.
“Remember this,” he said fiercely. “Remember the feel of my mouth on yours, my body against yours, when you find that perfect Atlantean man someday.”
She started to protest, be he silenced her with his lips, kissing her so hard and deep that he could almost pretend that she belonged to him and always would. It would have helped him find his way back to sanity if she’d fought him.
Instead she pulled him closer, and he was lost.
Long minutes later, he raised his head, coming back to himself enough to realize they stood unprotected in the middle of the path, and their enemies were closer than was safe. Serai clung to him, her body trembling, and he had never wanted anything as much as he wanted to strip her clothes from her and take her, bury his cock in her warm sweetness, and make her his.
His timing sucked.
“I love you,” she said.
And the bottom fell out of his world.
He opened his mouth to answer, but nothing came out but a hoarse, choked noise, and then finally he made his stunned brain work and words happened.  “Your timing sucks.”