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Dear Readers: Please help me welcome my friend Vampbard, who brings you today’s review of…
Darkness at Dawn
Release Date: July 5, 2011
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
ISBN: #978-0425242124
Genre: Military/Suspense Romance
Format(s): Paperback (304 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher 
About the book:
Nobody knows better than Lucy Merritt what duty can cost. Her CIA operative parents gave their lives for a mission in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nhala, and as a result, Lucy was determined to make a safe and comfortable life for herself, becoming an expert restorer of manuscripts.
Captain Mike Shafer, Tenth Mountain Division, US Army, is dedicated to keeping his country safe. Intel from a dead CIA operative in Nhala points to a deadly threat that could wipe out entire populations. When Lucy is called to Nhala to restore the manuscript of an ancient prophesy, it’s his chance to stop the threat cold. He is ready and willing to put himself on the firing line—only not with the beautiful woman who’s been assigned to him. No matter how smart she is, she’s a tempting distraction.
Now Mike and Lucy must learn to work together to stop this global threat. Mike thought he understood courage, but when she does the bravest thing he’s ever seen, he vows to carry a badly wounded Lucy across a frozen wasteland to save this magnificent woman—and the world.
What Vampbard is talking about:
I really enjoyed the settings created by Jennings in Darkness at Dawn. I was amazed that my interest was held by a modern romance novel, as I normally like stuff that is paranormal in nature (because I’m odd, maybe???), but this book definitely held my interest and kept me interested in the plot. There was a LOT of action in this book, and I’m not talking about gettin’ it on, either!
Jennings did a fabulous job of crafting a web-like plot that was complex, yet beautifully delicate and straight-forward enough to not be too complicated for someone reading for personal enjoyment. The characters were of sufficient depth – especially the two main and two supporting characters – to give the reader a deeper understanding as to the characters themselves; not just the superficial.
The heroine, Lucy, is a strong independent individual that has overcome many obstacles to become the woman she is today. She is able to project the image that she is calm, cool and collected whether she’s restoring ancient manuscripts or boarding an airplane, and facing her fears of air travel. Her childhood left many scars and scabs that she has been covering up. Finally, she becomes involved in the same business that took her parents from her when she was a teenager, leaving her to grow up in boarding schools. Although, when she was a child, she didn’t have a strong and intense love affair heating up to keep things interesting.
Mike, the rugged, lethal Tenth Mountain Division of the Army leader has been married to his career. The mission, whether impossible or not, was always his focus until he met Lucy. The stray thoughts about keeping HER safe – at all costs – made him doubt whether he was the right person for what would prove to be his LAST mission.
As we journey with Lucy and Mike across an ocean to save the world as we know it, we are not only seeing them working as a team to return home successful, but we are seeing them build an intense and solid relationship.
Vampbards Rating:
Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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  1. I’m actually in the mood for some Rom.Suspense and I’ve got Jennings first book on the shelves. I heard such good things about this author and I’m glad she’s giving her first book a wonderfull follow up 😉