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Hello Readers! Today I have a special guest, Author Gerry Bartlett, author of the Glory St. Clair series. Gerry’s a native Texan and lives halfway between Houston and Galveston with her own wonder dog.
When she started writing, she was still teaching and used the pseudonym Lynn McKay. You can probably still find her historical for a penny on-line. Now that she’s no longer in the classroom, she has come out of the closet and uses her real name, much to her mother’s delight and sometimes embarrassment. Author’s note: Sorry, Mom, but, yes, I do have to write “those scenes.”
Please help me welcome Gerry to That’s What I’m Talking About. And be sure to check out the end of Gerry’s post for a special giveaway!  Take it away, Gerry…
Gerry Bartlett here, stopping by to celebrate the release of my latest book, REAL VAMPIRES DON’T WEAR SIZE SIX. Of course neither do I. Seems Glory St. Clair, my heroine in the series, was bloating when she was turned in 1604 and she’s been stuck with those extra pounds ever since. In this chapter of her long, long life, Lucifer himself comes calling with an offer he thinks she can’t refuse. He’ll make her the size she’s always dreamed of being if she’ll work for him. Of course Glory’s not really tempted, is she? Not even when he lets her see her reflection for the first time in centuries. 
One of the things I try to do when I write my stories is to remember that every vampire was a unique individual before he or she got fangs. So Glory has all the insecurities, wants and needs that any woman might have. Of course she’s also seen a lot of history and had to deal with a controlling sixteenth century man all these years. Unfortunately, she loves him and can’t seem to walk away from her sire, Highlander Jeremy Blade. Her struggle for independence is at the center of these books and I’m lucky that fans seem to relate to Glory and her adventures.
REAL VAMPIRES DON’T WEAR SIZE SIX is the seventh in the REAL VAMPIRES series but can be read as a stand alone. I hope readers new to the series will jump in and try it. Book eight, REAL VAMPIRES HATE SKINNY JEANS will be out next April.
I enjoy writing about vampires but have also added demons, shapeshifters and even the occasional angel to the mix as the series goes on. What’s your favorite paranormal entity? Post here for a chance to win a copy of the book that started it all, REAL VAMPIRES HAVE CURVES, and a twenty dollar gift card to the bookseller of your choice. 
Thanks for stopping by Gerry. Please leave your comments for Gerry by Thursday August 11 at 9:00 PM EDT to be eligible for the contest. And thank you to Gerry for this fun giveaway!
For more about Gerry’s latest, Real Vampires Don’t Wear Size Six, here is an except:
Curvy vampire Glory St. Clair kicked out the demon that had set up shop in her body, but she had some serious fallout, mainly to her relationship with longtime lover Jeremy Blade.  Before Glory can win him back, she has a few issues of the hellish variety to deal with.
First, some visitors from the Dark Side want to make her their hell-buddy, and they definitely like to fight dirty.  Second, the local vampire council is after Glory to clean up her act, or they’ll run her out of town.  To pacify them, she has to mentor a vamp fledgling, a computer whiz with a fashion phobia. And to top it all off, Lucifer himself offers Glory the ultimate temptation: work for the devil and he’ll make her the size six she’s always lusted after.
Glory’s not sure if she can resist such an offer, but there are a few things the full-figured vamp knows for sure.  Somehow, she’s going to get back the man she loves, keep the business she needs, and teach her nerdy newbie that size doesn’t matter.
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24 responses to “Author Guest Post – Gerry Bartlett

  1. Sounds like yet another book for my TBR pile. Between blogs and giveaways it has really grown! So many new authors and books. I’ll just have to make my day longer than 24 hours, there’s no ifs, ands or buts about it LOL
    My favourite paranormal entity would have to be either a werewolf or vampire. I can’t pick just one. If I could put the qualities of each into one that would be it. I guess you’d have to say it is a werevamp! Thanks for the contest.

  2. I love Glory and all her “men” but I have to say I love Blade most of all. There is just something uber sexy about a man wearing a kilt!!! I have the latest on order and am patiently waiting on the post!!!! Love ya Gerry and Glory!!!

  3. Vampires are my favorite paranormal entity, although I do like the others (werewolf, demons, etc.) added as well.

    I live in Austin, so love reading the Real Vampires series since it’s set here. I haven’t real Real Vampires Don’t Wear Size Six yet, so would love to win an autographed copy.

  4. Of course I love vampires and I am especially fond of the way Gerry writes her characters. Glory struggles with all the same insecurities that we women have, and she of course has a best friend who is the epitome of a gorgeous to remind her of her own flaws. Keep up the great work Gerry!!! :o)

  5. A tip of my hat to you Gerry for reminding the world that Real Vampires Don’t Wear Size Six. And neither do I. Sounds like an awesome series.

  6. I am a huge fan for the real vamps series. It started when I was at my local library and found one. It was Real Vampires get Lucky. So of course after that amazing book I had to start from the beginning and read them all. I love how Glory is the type of heroine who doesn’t mean to be, she is just a strong independent woman who is looking for love. Even if it bites, howls, or sings. I love Gerry’s books and sit impatiently for the next one.

  7. Hi Gerry,
    I love that your vampires aren’t all thin and perfect, they sound like women I know (including myself), who aren’t a size six. My favorite paranormal entity is the vampire, although I love reading about all the wonderful creatures authors come up with.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  8. I don’t really have a favorite type of paranormal entity. It depends too much on the character and what the author turns them into. For example, Lynsay Sands’ vampires are yummy, but Ilona Andrews’ are ucky. In theory, I find the concept of were-critters ucky, but some like your Rafe or some of the werewolves in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series are pretty darn yummy! Angels, demons, ghosts, probably even zombies (even though I can’t think of any examples right now!) could all be appealing, depending on the individual.

  9. Glory is my “real” vampire. She’s totally completely a red blooded woman except for the fangs and shifting. She works, worries about her weight, frets over finances, has man troubles and craves cheetohs. I love that there is nothing too cliche about the vampire part of her, and EVERYTHING cliche about the woman part of her. You have such a gift, and easily suck (pun completely intended) me in to each and every adventure. As for the question about what other creatures…I’d like to see some witches. There could be a great storyline about a centuries old witch who maybe has crossed paths with Blade and is a rival for his affections…or at least wants to be. Can’t you just see Glory finding herself victim to some petty but creative curses? Wakes up with a face full of zits one day…finds herself allergic to silk another…boobs sag after a batch of bad blood…the character could recur and be such a pain in her totally-not-size-6-butt… Just a thought. Keep ’em coming Gerry, you have a true gift and I for one am so grateful to have found you!!!

  10. I love the Real Vampire series, and will read the latest just as soon as I’m finished blazing through another series. I’ve read them all so far, and I go between trying to figure out if I like Rafe more or Jerry. My favorite type of paranormal character used to be hands down Vampires, but I also think a good Lykae/werewolf can be great too. So many books, so little time!


  11. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the books in this series. I read the entire RV Dont wear a size 6 book in pretty much one sitting. When I finished it I *yelled* because I already want the new book and can’t wait for April!! YAY! Keep them coming.

  12. Adj

    I love the Glory series. Own all of the books and have recommended them to several friends. Gerry you are a wonderful writer keep it up…..


  13. I love the vampires best, almost all the incarnations out there (though I draw the line at sparkly). And I have love, love, LOVED! every Glory book so far! I am really looking forward to getting this book… someday soon, I hope!
    …Durn TBR List seems to get longer exponentially, but the paycheck hasn’t been growing at the proper rate. Forget ‘cost of living’ increases, I need a ‘cost of reading’ increase to feed my addiction! 🙂
    Thank you, Gerry, for all the great entertainment!

  14. Thanks for the giveaway. Although I enjoy most paranormal creatures, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for shifters.

    Whenever I read about “perfect” looking vampires, I always think how unrealistic that is. It would definitely suck to be stuck in a body that you don’t really like for all eternity. Your books sound like lots of fun to read.

    jen at delux dot com

  15. I love all and any paranormal creature, but I would have to say that the one that I hold above the rest are the shifters. I love Valdez, and his overall sexy-ness… Plus the dog he transforms into is one of my favorites! I love your books, and I have passed out all my pamphlets that you sent me to all my friends and select family members… Thank you for keeping me entertained with your witty humor and loveable characters… You’re the best!

  16. These comments are great for my ego and I have to say I now have a super idea. Thanks, Melissa! That witch thing has captured my imagination and I can’t wait to try it. Love my fans, they are the best! And you wouldn’t believe how many other readers they have “sucked” into the series. Smooches, Gerry

  17. Oh, my gosh! Not Melissa, Michelle! Now I’m in trouble. Blame it on a deadline looming. Thanks for posting a great idea. 😉