Review: Wedding Magic

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Wedding Magic
Author: Patricia Coughlin
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Publisher: Berkley Trade
ISBN: #978-0425241233
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (336 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
A woman with a dream of romance-and some sparkling summer magic. 
Incurably romantic dressmaker Sophie Bennet finds her attention divided between the handsome single father of a young bride-to-be, and the mystical appearance of a ghost-bride with a haunting message.
What Ang is talking about:
 Wedding Magic is my first experience with the world of paranormal romance books and overall it was an entertaining diversion.  It is two stories, the story of Sophie and Owen and Ivy the ghost, intertwined around one house, “the Princess House”. Coughlin does a beautiful job of describing the 1920’s era home, the grounds and the sea the home over looks.

I was able to walk beside Sophie and see the romance of the home, I was able to walk beside Owen and see feel the pain and time lost that the house held for him and finally I was able to walk with Ivy and see the home for what it represented to her, the hopes and dreams and finally the pain and heartache. All of it was beautifully described.

The characters were sharp and quick witted and kept me shaking my head or smiling. The relationship that evolves between the three main characters is filled with appropriate banter, emotional turmoil and finally resolution as Sophie helps all three of them find what they need to heal and move forward in their lives.  Ivy, the ghost, is one of my favorite characters. She is feisty and fun and keeps everyone on their toes as she reminds them that this is their home and she is simply allowing them to reside in it for the time.  Another big plus is that the resolutions are tied up in nice bows without being too cliché nice change from other romance novels I’ve read of late.

All of that being said I did have a couple issues with the book. First I felt like the language used by Owen was forced in several areas. I am not opposed to swearing in a novel if it fits the setting and the character, such was not always the case with Owen’s use of language but that was a minor thing to over look. My biggest struggle was that I felt like the rules surrounding Ivy’s existence were never made clear.

For example, my understanding of a ghost is that they can manifest themselves but could not lay a hand on you in such a way that it would feel solid. Such was not the case with Ivy; she was able on several occasions to become solid, holding and moving objects behaving like a living person. This was hard for me to wrap my mind around because that isn’t a ghost in my head, and the rules were never laid out stating that ghosts should or could act in this manner. This was probably my biggest pet peeve with the novel as a whole and is what ultimately brought the overall rating down. I like order and rules and I didn’t always have those with this novel.

Overall it was a fun, fast read and I would recommend. Anyone who enjoys a paranormal romance or fun characters with beautiful scenery will enjoy reading this novel and sharing some time with Owen, Sophie and Ivy as they figure out themselves and the relationships surrounding them. 
Angelas Rating:

Liked it a lot – recommend (B+)