BBAW Day 4: Readers

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Welcome back for Day 4! Today we are discussing how book blogging changed the way we read. Book blogging has certainly changed how I read in quantity, quality and genre.
I find that I actually read fewer books because of blogging. Sure, I can blame some of the changes in reading because I’m now back to work part time, my kids have gotten older and life is simply busier. However, blogging is a big part. First, taking the time to sit down, write a review, post the review and mess around with blogging takes time. Add to that the time spent scheduling posts, mailing books, following up with publishers, getting the word out… it takes up A LOT of time! Also, if you read yesterday’s post on Community you’ll see that I spend time blog hopping and on Twitter to maintain my community and promote my blog. This also consumes a great deal of my time. Finally, I take more time reading a book because now I am writing a review of the book and not just moving on to the next story. I take notes, look up words, check references, etc. This takes more time.

As I just mentioned above, I am taking more time reading books these days. Prior to book blogging, I would buzz through a story, not necessarily paying attention to the fine details and innuendo. I was in a rush to find out what happens. Now that I’m blogging and writing reviews, I spend more quality time reading my books. Sure, once and a while, I may speed through a scene, but I typically will go back and re-read now.
Prior to blogging, I pretty much only read Sci-fi/Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  While that remains my focus, I have broadened my horizons to read historicals, military suspense, GBLT (m/m mostly), and a few other genres I swore I would never read, much less like. I’ve even read a contemporary romance – SHOCK I know. (Ask Mandi if I like to read contemporary stories). I also discovered my new love – Steampunk! The reasons for the change: authors and/or publishers have reached out to me, or it was recommended by a fellow tweep.
These are just a few ways how blogging has changed me. How about you – have your habits changed because of blogging?

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  1. I’m totally the opposite — I definitely read more now that I’m blogging. Which, when I think about it, shouldn’t be the case, since I, too, have taken on all that extra work! I think for me it’s that reading is now so much at the forefront of my life that I don’t even have to think about it. Where at other times I may not have thought to bring a book while waiting in line, now you can better believe I’ve got one (at least)!

  2. I’m the opposite, but I wish I was like you! It would be nice if I could slow down a bit and think more prior to writing my reviews. But I get so excited by every book out there that I am speeding through. 🙂

  3. How much fun. I’m so happy you are participating this week by doing these posts Jen!

    I actually tend to read more now that I’m book blogging. Before I would read a book and be satisfied for a while because I didn’t realize how many other amazing books and authors there were out there. But now that I am blogging I see all these wonderful reviews and I can’t stop picking up one book after another!

    Quality: I have noticed my quality while reading has also improved, taking more time to understand all the details. My quality of books has also increased since I get to read several reviews about a book before picking it up, it is a higher guarantee that I’ll really enjoy it that way.

    Genre: I’ve always been a person who enjoys reading several different genres but since the majority of my blogging friends read paranormal romance I have been lean more towards that recently because of their wonderful reviews. 🙂

  4. How interesting! I’m a bit like that Jen! I tend to take my time reading t do more thorough reviews and get into the book, not just blow through it to find out how it ends.

    As far as the genres go I’ve usually been a fan of anything with Vampires in it. Blame the twilight series on that one, but thanks to Laura Kaye, I’ve gotten into Romance, esp. PNR and some Dystopian books and sci-fi as well.

    MY blog is still in the baby stage, so I haven’t done any featured or meme yet, but as a new blogger I spend my time reading to get some experience there and do reviews. I’ll start some of the features i have in mind later this year.

    Thanks for the great insight into your habits and how you blog!


  5. Since I have started blogging I have almost broadened too much. I have a hard time reading authors for the second time and finishing series because there is so much calling for my attention.. This is both a good and bad thing, but probably wouldn’t have happened without the online book world.

  6. I have the same problem trying to balance time spent on the blog/computer vs time actually reading! I’ve got a schedule, which tends to keep me on track, but the commenting/Tweeting/promoting/etc. part sucks up a lot of my time. While I like all that stuff– I think I AM taking a little bit longer to rad a book now than I did before.

    I’ve also found myself reading shorter books, because I know I can finish them quicker than a chunkster. Some genres are also faster to read (fantasy vs non-fiction, for instance), and all in all it gets very tiring trying to balance everything blog-related on top of life stuff.

    It’s a good thing I love books and blogging so much, I guess! 😀

    – Anastasia @ Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog

  7. Book blogging has definitely broadened my reading horizons as well. I’ve been introduced to new genres, new authors, new series. I love it. And I know what you mean about book blogging cutting into your reading time. Especially Twitter! As much as I love Twitter, it’s the biggest time sucker ever! LOL

  8. I’ve noticed that I read a lot less because of blogging. Well, that and because of how much more I’ve got going on in my life, but primarily because of blogging. I actually sit down and think about the book, I discuss it with my girls either on Twitter or on the phone (with Jaime, Bells, Twimom, MsLizaLou, EmmaPetersen… etc) and spend time writing the review, tweaking the review, typing the review, etc. I didn’t realize how long it’d actually take to maintain a blog when I started one!

    I can’t say the quality of the books I read has changed TOO much, because my mom and grandmother both ensured that the books I read were all really good (especially my Grams – she had really good taste in authors) but I have been introduced to some really fabulous new authors and some really interesting new genres.

    Speaking of genres. 🙂 I already read m/m, HR, military suspense, contemporary (Grams, my mom, my friends IRL…) but I’d never read Steampunk before. I LOVE IT!!

    I’m really happy I got into blogging and I’m hoping I can get even more into it. I need to blog hop more. Maybe spend more time on the weekends and at least half an hour to an hour a night doing it, when my homework load allows. I miss my girls!