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Author: Rob Thurman 
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Publisher: Roc
Chimera Novels #2
ISBN: #978-0451464149
Genre: Science Fiction
Format(s): Paperback (339 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

About the book:
See no evil. Seek no evil…
Survive no evil.
Stefan Korsak and his genetically-altered brother have evaded the Institute for three years. When they learn the new location of the secret lab, they plan to break in and save the remaining children there. But one of the little ones doesn’t want to leave.
She wants to kill…

What G & U are talking about:
Basilisk is the second book in the Chimera Novels.  Gikany and Una went ahead and read the previous book, Chimera.  To understand the depth of this book, we recommend you also read it first.  It is not entirely necessary, but you miss out on the development of Misha and a strong connection to the main characters: Stefan, Misha and Saul if you don’t.
The first book was a gripping page-turner, and Ms. Thurman did not let us down in this one.  However, we felt the characters actually had better luck this time around.  The dedication says it all in Basilisk

“To my characters – I am so damn sorry for the things I do to you. But what the hell?  I do have to pay the bills.”

There are moments when we truly thought they have the absolute worst luck – especially in the first book.  (Which we highly recommend you read…it is amazing what those two brothers were able to live through!)  But it added to the richness of the novel and the suspense of the drama.  It is truly a fascinating world that Ms. Thurman has created and yet, is so realistic.  With all the genetic work and advancements that have been made in our currently lifetime…it is all too plausible a scenario.  This grounds the novel and helps to drawn the reader in.
The voice of the first book was, appropriately, Stefan’s.  He is the older brother who sought his missing younger brother, found him, and rescued him.  However, this book is from Misha’s point of view and his was the perfect voice.  As Ms. Thurman points out on his website, we were able to see the changes that have occurred in Michael (also referred to as Misha) and his continuing development.  What was most enjoyable was that the ending was not given away…even though we were in Misha’s head the whole time.  
This was an incredibly difficult book to put down.  It was gripping, witty, and even with all the deadly and occasionally quite bloody action, a touching family story.  There was understandably dark humor at times but other times, lighthearted.  The writing flows and the story builds so effortlessly, it was simply easy to get lost in the novel.  This book could easily be categorized as either Science Fiction or Urban Fantasy.
Gikany and I look forward to the next novel in this series.  Although there is nothing posted yet on Ms. Thurman’s site regarding a third book, the ending does imply…more.  And we cannot wait to see what he’ll do to these characters next.  But for now, we encourage you all to read Basilisk.
Their Rating:
Loved it – enthusiastically recommend (A)
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  1. Una

    I must say, I was running behind on this one, but I refused to not finish the first book before jumping into the second, even though Gikany said you could start with book 2. I’m so glad I read both. It is a really GREAT series so far!