Sunday Snippet #74

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In The Air Tonight 
Dell Books
August 2, 2011
He was slick from the shower—the only thing keep- ing him from being exposed a thin towel tied low on his waist… very low. Her eyes noted the light dust- ing of hair leading down below the towel.
“You’re staring.” 
“I’m sure you’ve seen it all before, being a nurse and all.” 
“You’d think.” Her fingers played with the buttons on her borrowed shirt absentmindedly, unbuttoning, seducing, praying it would work.
Another button—he couldn’t tear his eyes away now and that was what she’d wanted from the second she stepped into the bar and laid eyes on him.
“I like the way you say my name.” With the final button undone, she slid the big borrowed flannel shirt easily off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground. Her bra came next, too fast for him to think about protesting, thanks to the front clasp, and she could see by the strain on the front of his towel that nearly all protest had left him.
But he waited, so still, watching to see if she’d go all the way. And yes, she would…
She skimmed her stretch pants off, kicked them out of the way. She leaned in, letting her body press against his, even as she was careful to keep her hands off him. 
“Paige, I can’t.” But his arousal told her otherwise. 
“You can tie me up,” she murmured against his ear and his erection jutted against her belly as his breath quickened. “Do you like that, the idea of me all spread out and naked for you?” 
It was so easy to talk to him like that. She’d stirred him up, and these consequences she could easily live with.
“Jesus, Paige—yeah, I want you like that.”
“Then go ahead, finish what we started last night. Please.”