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What is it about Murphy’s Law? There is actually a website devoted to his “law” HERE. Gikany and I were over a week ahead of schedule when it came to the books Twimom had sent for us to review. Gikany is still on schedule. I’m behind. Sadly, I am the reason we were unable to bring a couple of reviews to you this week. I need to get eye to eye with this “Murphy” and punch him…dead in the face. Not to mention, that I lost a book. How, I have no idea, I’m incredibly Type A…almost obsessive compulsive! I have since bought said missing book and will review it anyway…because I gave my word to Twimom (even though she said don’t worry about it…I still feel as if I let her down).
When it rains, it pours. I would also like to know the person who came up with this expression. I know some of you may recall the post I did about my mom (here). She, sadly, passed away in April of this year. What you don’t know is that in the last eighteen months I have lost half my immediate family. Twimom knows the pain that cancer brings; she lost a very good friend, a little girl named Molly (post here) a few years ago. Cancer has taken both my grandmothers, my great aunt, my aunt-in-law, two very good family friends, and my mother, in the past eighteen months. I also lost my grandfather this past January to a heart attack. And the most recent death taking place this past Monday – my mom’s mother, my gramma, “Barbar” died from bile duct cancer. With all the grieving I’ve been doing, I feel as if I haven’t been able to grieve for one person before I’m adding to it. I feel as if I should have the time to grieve for each person before I have to grieve for another.
So here is a post for today, something to post to make up to Twimom because I feel like such a flake. You know, I think we should all get together and wrangle up Murphy (I bet he is the one that came up with “when it rains it pours”). Sadly though, I bet he discovered these tidbits of wisdom through experience. Maybe the same experiences I’m trudging through now. Maybe leaving him in peace is better…

But I do promise you all wonderful and faithful readers…I will get ahead again. Gikany and I are plotting more interesting reviews and bringing books that you all might not be familiar with. As you know, we are huge Patricia Briggs fans…we just might have a few more of her earlier novels to tempt you with. Not to mention, I have a few books that I’m pressing (aka beating Gikany over the head with) her to read so we can bring the reviews to you.

However, I do want to say thank you. Several of you have started commenting on posts that Gikany and I bring to you as well as B, Nima and Vampbard. Thank you for your feedback and your comments. We enjoy them and, as it helps Twimom, it helps us as well. I know I especially love the opportunity for discussion! On behalf of all of us at That’s What I’m Talking About hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

3 responses to “Wanted – Murphy

  1. I thought I found Murphy a long time ago when he was having his way with me, causing havoc on a lesser scale than yours. Turns out it was a long tailed, plague infested rat so I got away as quickly as possible.


    Could Murphy be a shifter?

  2. We blamed Murphy a lot when we were in the military… and now that I’m a civilian, I still do. He’s a mean bastard (or his law, as it were) and it just has a way of screwing up everything in its path. *hugs* I’m so sorry that you’ve had so much to deal with lately. Cancer is one of the most difficult things in life to deal with, and it tends to hit where it hurts the most, and often. All four of my grandparents had cancer, though only one of them made it through. My twin had it when we were 3. My mom has carcinoma and melanoma (skin cancer). And that’s just my immediate family. It’s… not easy. So if you ever need to talk, not talk, cry, scream, or laugh, hit me up. MamaKitty at MamaKittyReviews dot com