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Hello Readers! Today I bring to you erotica author L.C. Dean. L.C. has lived all over the United States from the glorious South to the freethinking West Coast, but returned home to the Midwest over a decade ago, and now resides in the beautiful state of Minnesota. L.C.’s main goal professionally is to push the boundaries her often puritanical upbringing created. Writing about love that does not need society to define it, has been a freeing experience for her and her characters, and she hopes that readers find a similar joy in the reading.  
Originally, L.C. was going to come by to tell me a little bit about her new holiday-themed story, Ginger Snaps for Two. However, as you will read below… things didn’t end up that way! But even though L.C. didn’t make it to my office, she did send along some goodies, so stay tuned after the interview for details about a special GIVEAWAY that L.C. is sponsoring. 
The day of the interview, I was expecting L.C. to come by, so I was a little thrown when three people walked through my door. Did L.C. bring some of her characters with her? I started to rise, gesturing for them to make themselves comfortable opposite my desk. “I’ll grab another seat.”
The tall gorgeous man, with skin the color of polished black walnut, shook his head. “No need.” With barely an effort he slid the visitors’ chairs together and created a wide, raised spot with the broad arms. His simple white dress shirt followed his movements, and I contemplated hiring him to rearrange my entire house. Maybe he could get the other guy to come along and make it a perfect afternoon. I’m telling you, I could probably sell tickets.
The gorgeous redheaded perched gracefully on the makeshift pedestal with Mr. Tall and Delicious to her left. The other man sank to his knee and slid her high heels from her feet so she could get comfortable without slashing my white leather chairs with her three-inch spikes. I love a practical man.
A shiver shook the young woman as he ran his thumbs over her arches and then dropped into the empty seat with a chuckle. “Sorry, didn’t mean to tickle, sweets,” he whispered softly to her, but I caught it, and her “yeah right,” sounded a bit breathless. She shook her head but contentment softened her eyes as she tucked her bare feet beside his thigh. I assumed he had to be the author, as the other man was far too Alpha not to be the male lead, but thick blond hair and an irresistible grin made him more than hot enough to be a hero. He wasn’t as tall as the first guy, but his wide shoulders and narrow hips spoke well of the muscles hidden behind his bright blue button-up.
I sat back down and searched my notes. The eBook title is Ginger Snaps for Two. The stunning woman had to be the heroine, so which man was the author and which was the hero? Both touched her in a possessive manner: a long, dark hand rested casually on her thigh, and a broader tanned one rubbed her back in slow and sensual circles, almost as if he wasn’t aware he did it. 
“How about if we start with introductions,” I began. “I’m, Jen.”
“Selleck Mathews.” My hand disappeared in the grasp of the first man, and a flash of him touching me in more intimate places with his strong fingers made me uncomfortable in ways a woman should not be around another woman’s man. Something about Selleck urged me to give my will over to him and allow him to do with me as he would.
I shifted my attention to my other guests hoping my thoughts didn’t show on my face.
The blond flashed his killer grin again. “Neil Trygstad.”
Now, I was really baffled. Neil Trygstad as in Trygstad Technologies? “Excuse me? I assumed you were the author.” A glance at my notes told me I was wrong. “Is L.C. Dean a pen name?”
The woman laughed. “It is but not his. L.C.’s a bit shy so you’re stuck with us.”
“Oh.” I knew I should have read the book. “I’m a little confused then, I was expecting to do an interview with L.C. about her new holiday-themed ebook.”
Leaning forward, the redhead offered me her hand with a wicked smile. “I’m Ginger.”
And the light dawned. It took me a moment to shift from the sweet image the title had initially conjured to the hot one it implied. I laughed at myself. “Well, that certainly puts a different spin on things, doesn’t it?”
They all three chuckled and Neil laced his fingers through Ginger’s. “Decadent Publishing wanted a hot ménage filled holiday, so L.C. asked us if she could tell our story for Decadent. Decadent is actually offering several naughty yet nice three-way adventures this year.”
“Interesting. Many readers are fascinated with threesomes. Can you tell me a little about yours?”
Selleck made a choking sound and a flush turned Ginger’s fair skin red, but Neil rescued me again with a wink. “I assume you meant how this came to be not the specifics of what goes on in our bedroom, though if you want the truth it’s hotter than any fantasy I’ve ever had, and L.C. doesn’t spare the details.”
“For now, let’s stick to info about how you met and I’ll read about the rest in private.” My cheeks had to match the heroine’s in color. Blood pounded in my ears and warmed my face.
Neil settled back, his thumb caressing Ginger’s knuckles. “Selleck and I have been together a little over two years. He keeps me grounded and I try to show him the fun side of life, but we both felt something was missing, so we went looking for a third, a woman who could balance us and maybe soften our lives a bit.”
Ginger brushed a kiss over his temple. “Instead, they found a bitch.”
Selleck practically growled. “Don’t say that ever again.”
Neil nodded in agreement with his partner, but the gorgeous woman simply shrugged before looking at me. “It’s true. Maybe not so much anymore, but….”
“Enough.” Selleck’s scowl brooked no argument. “You were stressed. There’s a difference.”
The dynamic among the three of them was compelling to witness. Sexual awareness and something more, tenderness perhaps, arced like electricity, linking them all in a way I had never experienced before. I cleared my throat and brought their focus back to me. 
“So, Ginger, if you could describe your relationship to outsiders, what would you say?”
She looked from one man to the other, her features soft and open. “I’d say Selleck and Neil are exactly what I’ve always prayed for but never hoped to find.”
The interview continued for nearly an hour, but when I looked back on the transcript to see what I wanted to share with all of you today, Ginger’s one line said it all. I quickly sent an email off to L.C. thanking her for sending me these wonderful characters to interview.

More about Ginger Snaps for Two
Ginger Burke is a hard-nosed bitch who micromanages every aspect of her world, including the subs she controls as a part time professional Domme. No one has ever been foolish enough to think she has a soft side.
Selleck Mathews knows what it’s like to hide behind what others expect, letting down his guard only around the gentle compassion of his partner, Neil Trygstad, who wants nothing more than to love and be loved. Together they are nearly content except they long for a woman, someone to laugh at Neil’s jokes and crave Selleck’s gentle dominance. 
Ginger’s needs ring in her voice and shimmer in her expressive blue eyes. Once the guys decide to break through her shell and find the sweet center, they have no intention of letting up until her control snaps and she settles in their arms for the ideal Christmas, perhaps even the perfect forever.
In addition to the holiday release, Ginger Snaps for Two, L.C. has a deliciously erotic yet sweet m/m called Mountain Claiming which is part of Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand series. To see B’s review 4-star review of Mountain Claiming, click HERE.
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Thank you to L.C. Dean for so much fun and sending Ginger, Selleck and Neil by That’s What I’m Talking About.  L.C. is graciously giving away one (1) eBook of any of Decadent Publishing’s holiday releases or anything from her back list. Please leave your comments for L.C. by Friday November 25, 2011, at 9:00 PM EST to be eligible for the contest. One entry per person, winner will be selected from eligible entries using Contest is open internationally; please leave your email address so the authors can send you the book. Thank you to L.C. for this fun giveaway!
L.C. Dean can be found online:

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  2. Thank you, all. As you can see the characters have strong minds of their own so I didn’t have to work too hard to get them to do the interview. Neil is a bit of an attention hog so he did most of the convincing. Shhh, don’t tell them they could do a full book tour or I’ll never shut them up.

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