Ebook Deal by AAD 2012 Featured Author: Judi Fennell

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Next week, I will be hosting paranormal romance author, Judi Fennell, here at That’s What I’m Talking About. In addition, I will have a review of her newly released Genie Knows Best, the second book in her fun Bottled Magic series.
But here’s something really great: the first book in the genie series, the Bottled Magic series, I Dream of Genies, is not only available but it’s FREE in electronic form for this week. Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Sony, whatever your reading platform, you can find it for free.
Here is a link to my review of I Dream of Genies
I wanted to let you all know so if you haven’t had the chance to discover this awesome, fun world, now you can do it free of charge. And be sure to stop back next week when I’ll have my review of Genie Knows Best.

2 responses to “Ebook Deal by AAD 2012 Featured Author: Judi Fennell

  1. Thanks for the information on this Jen. I must say, I remember reading your review for this book and so I went back to see what I had said about it. Did you know this was the first post I commented on, on your site??!! LOL. I can’t believe it. A couple months shy of 1 whole year of being a follower of your blog and becoming a friend. Time really does fly! 😀