Review: Mountain Claiming

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Mountain Claiming
Author: L. C. Dean 
Release Date: July 2011
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
1 Night Stand Series
Genre: GLBT, M/M Romance
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Publisher/Author
About the book:
When Madame Eve and her 1 Night Stand offer a chance at escape, Daniel Long drops the yoke of submission and runs to the Castillo Resort, Grand Turk and the hope of a future without repression. Everything on the island steals his breath including the gorgeous hotel owner, Jagger Castillo. Daniel quickly discovers he’s out of bondage and way out of his comfort zone.

Jagger isn’t expecting the gift Madame Eve drops on his doorstep, but once he realizes how precious the present is, he won’t let go without a fight. The only question is, can he claim Daniel before the night slips away and cheats them both of paradise.

What B is talking about:
Shy, haunted Daniel Long knows he doesn’t fit in among the happy guests at the Castillo Resort, but the lure of escape and possibility offered by the mysterious Madame Eve was just too hard to resist. His one hope is that a 1 Night Stand may be the very thing he needs to begin a whole new life.
Jagger Castillo loves his life in a resort by the sea, but has given up on the idea of his own happily ever after. One look at Daniel, though, and his opinion is decidedly altered. If only he could break through the wall the beautiful mountain of a man is hiding behind and discover the desires he keeps so well hidden.
Mountain Claiming is a quick, easy-to-read short, with a big story to tell. Dean packs a lot of emotional tension in a relatively few pages. Daniel is easy to fall in love with and he and Jagger are wonderful together as they try to find their way to true happiness. 
The idea of having only one night to forever change the course of a life and find true love guarantees that there’s little time for potentially burdensome details, but in this case I’d have happily read any additional particulars Dean might have offered. There seems to be so much more to these two characters than can be explored in such a short tale, but, as Jagger so neatly puts it, “Dusk to dawn is not much time for a fresh start, so quit worrying about me and get on with discovering what gives you joy.”
Dean has done a lot with Mountain Claiming, considering these stories are supposed to be quick, steamy reads. Aside from a nearly too tidy shift in personality for one of the main characters at the end of the story, this was a solid, fun read. On the whole, Mountain Claiming has a lot going for it. Both main characters are distinct in their personalities, there are serious themes which are treated with appropriate consideration, and I found myself hoping for a happy resolution from the very beginning. While I have not had the opportunity to read any other titles in the 1 Night Stand series, I very much enjoyed this one, and feel that Dean is definitely an author to watch in the GLBT Romance genre. 
Bs Rating:
Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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    Thank you so much for allowing me to read such a heartfelt story! I absolutely adored both your wonderful gentlemen. There’s much to love! Thank you again!