Sunday Snippet #84

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Genie Knows Best
Author: Judi Fennell 
Sourcebooks Publishing
November 1, 2011
Samantha uncrossed, then recrossed her legs, and Kal admitted he might have a thing for her. Then she smiled at him, and there was no might about it. All those fantasies he’d had during the long lonely nights in his lantern… He definitely had a thing for her. One their kiss had only heightened.
His cock hardened and he grabbed something off Stavros’s desk to hide the evidence. Kharah, here they were discussing urban blight and he was thinking with his dick.
But it’d been too long since he’d held a woman, let alone one as beautiful as Samantha. Her smile lit up the place in a way the sun with its brutal intensity couldn’t, and made him burn even more. And with the way Monty had talked about her, Kal felt as if he knew her.

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