G & U’s Top Five Reasons Reviews are Late

Posted December 29, 2011 by Jen in Tags: , , , ,

We thought we would come clean with all you wonderful blog followers of Twimom so you know when there is a late post or a day without a post….sadly, it’s most likely Gikany and Una’s fault (*Una’s head hangs in shame* mostly me…).   However, we humbly request you take a look at our top 5 reasons on why we tend to be late. 
5. Couldn’t access computer since house was tented for termites.
4. The little munchkin thinks the book needs to go outside for some play time….with the puppy.

3. What do you mean reading is not a group activity?  I’m out here with all of you…

2. My cat (or the munchkin) thought the bookmark was a toy – where did I leave off?
And the most common, err, I mean the number one voted excuse is:
1. What day is it again?  What day is it due again?  @#$#@$, that was yesterday!?!?!?
It’s a shame…we should just blame it on the fact that Twimom is three hours ahead of us…. hey… do they do daylight savings time over there?!?!

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