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Destined Mate
Author: Katie Reus
Release Date: Oct. 1, 2011
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne Cravings
Genre: Paranormal Romance, novella
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Author

About the book:

      Almost a century ago, Angela Lavigne and Alpha werewolf Knox had a shared passion neither could control. Then Angela was turned into a vampire and disappeared.
      The last thing Knox expects is for Angela to show up on his doorstep on a rescue mission, as sexy and irresistible as ever. And he can sense how much she still wants him, too. She’s gone against both their species’ rules and trespassed on his land. By law he can keep her as long as he wants—and Knox doesn’t intend to let her go ever again.
      As their desire explodes once again, Knox is more sure than ever that he must claim her forever. But as vampire and werewolf, they are natural born enemies. Can she truly be his destined mate?

What Im talking about:

      The story opens with our vampire heroine, Angela, infiltrating a werewolf stronghold to rescue her BFF just weeks before a historic peace accord between the two species. Angela is cunning and quick, but once she makes it to the mansion where she knows her friend is being held, she receives a shock: her once lover is this pack’s Alpha. Angela had run from Knox almost a century ago when she was turned into a vampire because she knew how much he and his kind detested vampires.
      Knox is immediately attracted to his lost love. He gets all Alpha on her and forces her to stay after she finds out her friend snuck away from their coven when their leader forbade her to mate with a werewolf. He tries to balance his lust for Angela and taking the time to tell her how he really feels.
      Destined Mate is an enjoyable novella-length, stand alone story. (If it’s attached to a series, I couldn’t find it.) Due to the shortened length, there isn’t much background on the two primary species: werewolves and vampires. However, Ms. Reus sprinkles the story with facts about her creations (like Angela is a daywalker, which is rare, or Knox heals faster than his pack, which is partly why he is the alpha), giving the tale a enough complexity to keep up interest and feed my curiosity. Of course with that said, I’d love to find out more…. like what is the history of the two species’ feuding, etc.
      The story has two major conflicts, first when Angela confronts her coven leader and must choose to go home with the vampires or stay with the wolves. But it doesn’t end there, which is what gives this novella a plus in my book. Next, Angela and Knox must deal with the outfall of the Alpha wolf mating a vampire. It’s amazing that such a short story can adequately address both issues in a satisfying manner.
      The attraction between the pair is immediate and intense, but both have been in love with the other for over 90 years. The smex is steamy and I really enjoy the interesting ramifications of a were and vamp mating.
      My biggest complaint about the story is that I wish it was longer. Although it isn’t lacking because of its length, Ms. Reus has created a world that left me wanting to know more. This is a good little story to fit in between novels or, if you are like me, to read while in line at the grocery story, waiting at the doctor’s office, etc.

My Rating:

Liked it a lot – recommend (B+)

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