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Hearts and Swords
Author: Robin D. Owens 
Release Date: Dec. 6, 2011
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Heart Book Series
ISBN: #978-0425243411
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (464 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

About the book:

Award-winning author Robin D. Owens returns to the futuristic world of Celta with four original romantic fantasies as four different couples find their HeartMates and their destinies on Celta.

What VampBards talking about:

     Robin Owens brings it once again with Hearts and Swords!  I completely adore the world of Celta, and the infusion of Druidian beliefs within her stories.  Put me on a starship, in stasis, and find me Celta, please!  I want the simplicity of the magic-infused lifestyle, as well as the structure of the classes in my life, too.  Well, the magic at least – who doesn’t want to have a no-time, which stores food and drink at the perfect temperature?  Overall, I enjoyed this anthology of 4 novellas about Celta.  The first gave me great background, and the others showed traditions and other aspects of life I’d not read about previously.
     “Heart and Sword” was a great novella that gave a lot of rich background about the arriving at Celta, a new Earth-like planet after spending MUCH too long on starships.  I really liked the hero, Kelse, and thought that he was the perfect blend of heroic and empathetic.  He was completely and utterly into his HeartMate, Fern.  Their connection was obvious from the moment she was first mentioned in the story.  If you are a Trekkie, you’re going to love this shortie!
Rating for Heart and Sword novella: 5 stars
     “Heart Story” is a sweet and tender story about ‘mature’ love that endured the test of time.  If you’ve read any of Owens’ books, you’re aware of what a HeartMate is, and the intense bond they have.  Dri and Blush were denied each other, due to familial issues when they were young, and are now re-connecting.  There’s the standard plot arc, with conflict, etc.  What was the most awesome about this story was the way Dri and Blush connected and how they interacted.  You could feel the love between them.
Rating for Heart Story novella: 4 stars
      “Heart and Soul”  This was my favorite of the four shorts.  I loved the plot arc, and the way that Nista and Cardus began to know one another, and how they came to be a couple.  The conflict showed our heroine as a strong woman, able to take care of herself, which I LOVE!  She kicked tush in the fight scene!  Cardus, our hottie hero, was tender and understanding of Nista’s predicament, and watching their love grow was intense and uplifting.  Of special note was the really cool way Owens portrayed the Druidian ritual for Halloween.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Rating for Heart and Soul novella: 5 stars
      “Noble Heart” was a nice story, but just didn’t work well for me.  Walker and Sedwy were strong characters, but I just didn’t connect with the way in which their relationship blossomed.  Probably me.  Walker had an interesting story – he was raised by his dad and his wife, whom he thought was his biological mother.  Well, turns out his mom was from a family of many talents, and BOOM!  He fell into his own all at once instead of the usual gradual progression.  Sedwy became his ‘teacher’, and that was that.  I really liked both characters and the way the story was crafted; if it had been about another situation, I probably would have enjoyed it a bit more.
Rating for Nobel Heart novella: 3 stars
     Expertly crafted, with consisted use of the terms she developed for her world, Owens brings her readers beautiful blossoms of deeper understanding for the world of Celta and it’s inhabitants through Hearts and Swords.  Readers of her Celta stories will definitely benefit from these stories, and enjoy the adult relationships built through her finesse of the English language.

VampBards Rating:

Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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