Sunday Snippet #87

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Visions of Skyfire 
October 4, 2011
He yawned hugely, stretched his arms over his chest – the better to display his impressive rippling muscles, no doubt.  Then he gave her a grin and reached down to stroke himself.  His very impressive cock leaped to attention.  “I got something for you right here, babe.  You coming back to bed or what?  ‘Cuz if you don’t want it, there’s plenty others who do.”
No respect, she thought in a sudden fury.  This insignificant male thought to bring her to heel?  To threaten her with his pathetic human whores?  Irritation spiked.  Just another pitiful symbol of how badly her day was going, this male was, as the humans often said, the last straw.
In her mind’s eye, Kellyn indulged a whim and imagined the man’s eyes exploding.  She could see his skin peel from his bones.  Hear him whimpering, pleading for mercy.
Some of what she was thinking must have shown on her face because he immediately shifted gears.  “C’mon, baby.  Let me take you on another ride.  Let me show you something new.”
Slowly, that flash of irritation drained away.  Nothing to be gained by killing him now.  If she did, she’d have to change hotels and then be forced to spend who knew how many hours finding another lover.   And the next one might not be so well endowed.  No, she wasn’t finished with this one yet.
Still, he needed to learn just who was in charge around here.
Kellyn lifted her right arm, pointed at him and clenched her fist.  Instantly, the insolent male’s eyes bugged and his mouth dropped open.  He lifted both hands to his throat and clawed at whatever was closing off his airway.  Desperate, his eyes snapped to her as his skin mottled and his choking, gurgling groans sang into the room like the sweetest of music.
Slowly, she walked toward him, taking her time.  She dropped her robe and felt the chill kiss of the air on her skin as she stopped alongside him.  She flicked her fingers at his neck and he wheezed in his first easy breath since Kellyn had closed off his throat.  Gasping, choking, he bent over at the waist, gulping in air.
As he did, she ran her fingertips down his spine, over the curve of his behind, until she cupped his balls in the palm of her hand.
He went absolutely still.
To make sure she had his attention, she gave a single, hard squeeze.  He whimpered, but didn’t move.  Smart boy.
“Show me what you’ve got, then,” she said, leaning in until she could lick the top of his ear.  “But do yourself a favor and don’t speak again.”
Carefully, he turned his head, looked into her eyes and gave her a sharp nod.  When she released him, he followed her into the bedroom like a well-trained puppy.