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Hello Readers! Today I bring you paranormal romance author Stacey Kennedy. Stacey says she loves the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre and love a series more!! Nothing can hook her in more than an adventure and one that keeps on going. 
Stacey’s novels are lighthearted fantasy, heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again.  She claims she is not a planner and doesn’t write with a set idea because no matter what she plans, the characters’ voices always come through and demand she listen to them. 
Today Stacey lives in Ontario, Canada. She is a wife, mom, house cleaner, cook, teacher, play-doh extraordinaire, swing pusher, toddler chaser after – who loves the outdoors, curling up with the latest flick, and if she’s not plugging away at a new novel, she’s got her nose buried deep in a good book.  
Stacey is a featured author attending Author’s After Dark in New Orleans. For more information about AAD2012, click HERE
Please help me welcome Stacey to That’s What I’m Talking About.
Twimom: Stacey, welcome and thank you for stopping by.
Stacey: Thank you for having me. I’m really happy to be here!
Twimom: Supernaturally Kissed, is your first title in the new Frostbite series. Can you please tell us a little bit about this sexy new story?
Stacey:  Tess is a woman who has a special gift to see and talk to ghosts. Although, she’s always thought of it as more of a pain than a gift. She constantly harassed by ghosts wanting her to help them and she tries her best to ignore them. But then comes, Kipp who is a former police officer that was shot working a cold case file. Once he finds Tess, he’ll do anything—and I mean anything—to get her to help him solve the case.
This story has a lot of humor, a bit of the spicy stuff, and a romance at the heart of it. It’s a fun series that I’ve grown to really love and these characters are right up there with my favorite ones to write.
Twimom: Sounds like the perfect mix! What are your plans for the future of the Frostbite series?
Stacey: Right now, book two is with my editor. I’m just waiting on the approval letter to get things moving on it. What you can expect is to get a lot of answers that come up in book one. And when I say answers, I do mean BIG answers. 
This series is urban fantasy romance. While the first book was more of a contemporary feel with fantasy elements, the second book is all fantasy, baby. It takes a deeper look into Tess’s abilities, the ghosts themselves and the meaning behind it all.
The story even surprised me when it took a big shift into a new direction and I’m really excited to see what the fans of the series think. Tess and Kipp’s relationship is tested, and as always, there are many emotions and conflicts that need to be worked through.
Twimom: Oh, I can’t wait to read it! You’ve got me wondering what’s going to happen…

You also have written a few titles for Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand Series. Can you tell us more about these erotic novellas? 
Stacey: The 1NS stories are all little flings of couples that meet through a matchmaking service that Madame Eve owns. I LOVED writing in this world, which I’m sure you can tell since I’ve written six books in the series. It’s very addictive and simply sexy as all get up! These stories are just pure erotic fun from the start to the very end!
Twimom: Do you prefer writing one genre over another? What about novella verses full-length stories?
Stacey: I love writing urban fantasy romance. It’s my favorite genre to read and my favorite to write in. I enjoy the romance, the twists and turns in the plot, the danger, the fast paced action and heck, I just love supernaturals. It’s by far the easiest genre for me to write in and that’s because I really do adore it. 
I typically prefer to write full-length stories because you just can’t get the same depth in novella that you can in a full-length. But that’s why all my novellas are erotic romance. I couldn’t write a paranormal romance or urban fantasy romance in novella length. I need all those chapters to weave the plot and flesh out the characters. It would feel incomplete to me.
But sometimes writing a novella can be really fun and it’s a good way to tighten up my writing. I have a rule though, if I write a novella it has to be HOT! I think as long as you have scenes to make you fan yourself, a great conflict to tie it all together and some heavy emotions to add into the mix, then the size of the story won’t matter. It’s the effect it has on you that makes a story a good one, not the length.
Twimom: You are a featured author at the upcoming Authors After Dark Con in New Orleans (August 2012). What are you most looking forward to? Is there an author you are excited to stalk er, meet?
Stacey: Jeaniene Frost, and I take no shame that I will totally stalk her.
This is my first conference EVER, so I’m just looking forward to the experience, and also meeting readers and book bloggers that I’ve grown to know through the internet. It’ll be nice to put a face to a twitter avi! 
Also, I’ve never been to New Orleans and have always wanted to go. I’m guessing it’s going to be a total blast!
Twimom: I cannot wait to go to New Orleans, and I look forward to meeting you! I always like to ask authors about their reading habits… What types of books do you enjoy reading? What was your favorite read in 2011?  
Stacey: Easy answer—Keri Arthur’s Dark Angels series. I read these books so fast and then had to re-read to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I’m a huge fan of hers and adore her Riley Jenson series. I cannot put into words how eager I am for the next installment and anything else she releases. I love her work.
Twimom: What upcoming 2012 releases are you most excited to read?
Stacey: Like I said above, I’m waiting on Keri Arthur’s next release, but I also have a lot of authors I follow. I’m waiting for Cherise Sinclair’s next Shadowlands book to come out since I love her stories. Katie MacAlister’s dragon series tops my favorite list too. So yes, I’m dying for that one. And I’m also biting my nails in anticipation for Jeaniene Frost’s first Vlad book, Once Burned.
Twimom: Stacey, once again thank you so much for taking the time to tell my readers a little bit about yourself and your writing. It was wonderful chatting with you.
Stacey: Thank you for allowing me to share a bit about myself and some of my favorite reads! I hope y’all will come and find me on Facebook and Twitter. I love to chat and talk books!
You can find Stacey on line at 
More on Supernaturally Kissed:
Ghosts harass and annoy Tess Jennings to save their souls. Sometimes she helps them. Other times she ignores them. But one ghost will give her no choice.
Kipp McGowen, a cop with the Memphis Police Department, will stop at nothing to gain her help, including using his ghostly charms to seduce her.
Tess must help solve the five year old cold case of Hannah Reid, because solving the case will save Kipp. But a bigger problem presents itself. Tess is falling in love with a ghost. Now she must decide. Keep Kipp forever or find the killer…
Be sure to stop back later today for my review of Supernaturally Kissed.

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  1. AAD will be my first conference EVER too! I’m counting the days to meet all my favorite authors and blogger friends.
    I didn’t know about the 1 Night Stand stories, I’m gonna check them out.
    Great interview.