Quickie Review: Devil’s Luck

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Devil’s Luck
Author: Carolyn Crane 
Release Date: Feb. 28, 2012
Publisher: self-published
The Disillusionists #3.5
Genre: Urban Fantasy, novella
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Free read from Author

About the book:

     No wager is too outrageous for Simon Fitzgerald, the most reckless of the Disillusionists. His dark secrets drive him to take increasingly extreme risks, but he’s never lived so quite so dangerously as when he hooks up with Midcity’s most powerful prognosticator. 
     Fawna Brady is tormented by the destinies she sees for those around her. To Fawna, knowledge of the future is a cage she’d do anything to escape. She’s stunned to discover a taste of the freedom for which she yearns at the side of Simon, the one person in the world who despises everything she is, everything she stands for. 
     Simon’s defiant attitude toward destiny captivates Fawna, but will her love destroy him? And will Simon rush headlong into the delicious doom she offers?

What Im talking about:

     Okay, so I’m reviewing this wonderful novella out of reading order for the Disillusionists series (see my review for the first book, Mind Games, HERE), but I had to just put out a quickie review in honor of my BIRTHDAY (today, February 27) and the release of Simon’s novella (tomorrow, February 28). So please forgive the rush… I will be featuring reviews of both book 2 and 3 in March!
     Devil’s Luck is the story of reckless Disillusionist Simon and high-cap prognosticator Fawna. It takes place shortly after the conclusion of the trilogy (Book #3: Head Rush). Fawna is tired of feeling trapped by the future – she lets her abilities control her – always looking for the horror found in the future. She is repelled yet drawn to Simon’s carefree and fool-hardy nature. Likewise, Simon does not like what Fawna stands for. He runs from fate, believing the more irresponsible he behaves, the longer he will survive life. The story is told from the alternating POVs of Simon and Fawna.
     This truly is a story written for fans of this amazing series, and a new-comer should not read this first. However, one could read it as a stand alone – but really… do yourself a favor and read the series!
     And all I have to say is what a wonderful novella from Ms. Crane! It is a real treat for Disillusionists series fans. After following the somewhat mysterious Simon for three books, we finally get to see the world from his own unique POV. Ms. Crane does an amazing job of sharing Simon’s special outlook on life, never damaging his “street cred” as the man who has abandoned all of society’s norms. He remains true to himself while learning to love.
     This novella is full of heart–the story full of promise. I, for one, hope Ms. Crane revisits this amazing world again.

My Rating:

Loved it – enthusiastically recommend (A)

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  1. I’m reading this now! Woot! I’m very excited because you liked it so now I know it’s good. Well, not like there was ever any real doubt. 😉