Review: Arrow to the Heart

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Arrow to the Heart
Author: Arlene Webb 
Release Date: Feb. 8, 2012
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, Novella
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
Dr. Cu has no doubt that love at first sight happens only in fairytales. He knows intimately that it takes a unique blend of chemicals to force two hearts to beat as one. A world-renowned player, he’s accepted his fate. As a God of Love, he’s doomed to remain lonely. But when he opens his eyes and his gaze takes in a woman in need of assistance, he’s shocked to find himself falling, exactly like his many victims.
Naturally, when an arrogant legend is smitten, happiness comes at a price. Cu must fight the powerful Goddess of Love, his controlling mother, in order to protect the mortal who’s captured his fancy.
When his love betrays him, Cu learns how hard a God can hit rock bottom. If he can’t put down the bow and wrap his hand around humility and forgiveness, his destined love will remain a myth.
What Im talking about:
Dr. Cu is an renowned psychologist with an uncanny knack for bringing two people together and finding love. The story opens with Dr. Cu interviewing a female police officer who has killed off one too many bad guys when not necessary. It is evident from her reactions upon seeing his identity that not only is Dr. Cu infamous, but so is his socialite mother. What no one seems to know is that Dr. Cu is also apparently Cupid, and he uses a bow and arrow to make his perfect matches. However, the one perfect match he can never make is his own.
The premise of Cupid as a psychologist and matchmaker in the real world is fun. His parents – Goddess of Love and God of War, are equality notorious, but for what I’m not entirely certain. What is unclear (and I guess not that important) is if the humans around them know there are “fallen” gods, or if they just think these people are wealthy, famous celebrities.
The story was a take-it-or-leave-it for me. Since it is a novella, I read the whole thing; however, had it been a full-length novel, I probably would have DNF. The premise of the story is entertaining – Cupid sets up couples all of the time, but is destined to never have a love for himself. Of course, he finally finds the woman of his dreams in Cheia and must win her over without his usual fanfare.
The dialogue between Cheia and Cu was at times sweet, but more often it felt cheesy and contrived. They spoke in metaphors and innuendo, never really articulating complete thoughts and sentences.
Cu’s mom and dad were over the top for me. Sure, they are petty gods, but I just didn’t get it. They were jerks, and I felt it didn’t really add to the story – other than to humiliate Cu. 
Anyhow, it is a fun premise and not bad to read in between hot and heavy novels. But don’t expect more than fluff from this novella.
My Rating:
Finished it – take it or leave it (C)

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One response to “Review: Arrow to the Heart

  1. Cute premise but it sounds like it falls short in execution. Thanks for the review love, but I might have to pass this one up. Hopefully I can find a Cupid story I like (I’ve had a crush on him since Karl Urban played him on Xena, lol)