Review: Now or Never

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Now or Never
Release Date: March 6, 2012
Publisher: Signet
Wizards of Nevermore #2
ISBN: #978-0451236241
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (320 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
In Nevermore, Texas, witches and wizards live side by side with humans in harmony. But when a woman with magical powers is taken hostage, the residents of Nevermore find themselves at odds….
Lenore Whyte’s blood might be able to open a portal to the underworld, but she doesn’t understand how to wield the powerful magic bound within her—knowledge that would have come in handy when she was kidnapped and set to be sacrificed.
…and Haunted
Tormented by nightmares of a woman’s death, Sherriff Taylor Mooreland is shocked to find the woman from his visions chained to an altar in the woods. Even though he barely knows her, Taylor is determined to protect the mysterious Lenore no matter what. Even if it means dealing with magic.
And when an investigation into a series of suicides leads Taylor deep into the town’s past, he discovers that the key to saving both Lenore and Nevermore may require the ultimate sacrifice…
What G & U are talking about:
Wow.  Just wow.  Gikany and Una are in love with this new series.  Luckily for us we have discovered it early – Now or Never, the second book in the Wizards of Nevermore series is fantastic.  This is how world-building should be done.
Ms. Bardsley has perfectly woven romance, mystery, detective drama, the paranormal, urban fantasy and world-building fluidly into this fantastic series.  Gikany and Una are so grateful we were able to read the first book in this series, Never Again.  You do not need to read the first book, however, the characters will mean more and the mention of events in the previous book will hold more weight for the reader if you do.
Now or Never was incredibly hard for Gikany and Una to put down.  It flowed fluidly and was paced very well.  There were quite a few surprises in this book that even had Una a bit teary-eyed.  The characters and the world are rich and vibrant.  The premise is urban fantasy; that is to say, our world with magic and magic users.  The prologue nicely gives the readers an introduction into this world.  The story centers itself in a small wizard-protected town called Nevermore, Texas.   But this small town is built in a vital location for the Goddess.  The world is balanced between the Goddess who created/allowed magic in the world, and the Dark One, the essence of evil.
Gikany and Una have been in love with Taylor, our hero in Now or Never, since the first book.  However, there are many other characters that Ms. Bardsley has expertly connected the reader to.  We cannot wait until the next book in this series.  The last chapter is a one-page cliffhanger that is absolutely HUGE!  It is something that Gikany and Una discussed feverishly. 
Not many writers can get world-building to be a seamless part of a novel.  We just can’t say enough about how wonderfully Ms. Bardsley has woven all the different elements of this novel and series and put it together.  It is amazing how easily the reader can slip into the world of Nevermore.  If you want to read a book that has world-building done right, characters that leap off the page and into your heart, nail-biting action, and mystery, pick up Never Again so you can immerse yourself in the Wizards of Nevermore. Then run out and pick up Now or Never and know how awesome this series is!
Their Rating:
Personal favorite – a must read (A+)

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