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Hello Readers! Today I bring you paranormal romance author, Teresa D’Amario. Born in Atlanta, the daughter of an Army Soldier during the early stages of the Viet Nam war, she spent her childhood traveling from state to state, finally ending up overseas in Germany where she graduated high school six months early.
Her writing career however began as a young Airman in the Air Force, writing monthly articles for the weekly base paper.  The articles ranged from climatological data to full centerfold articles on the destructive forces of hurricanes.  As she increased in rank, her writing changed to more technological instruction, including such works as  WSR-88D Doppler Radar Data Interpretation Guide for North Carolina Stations and Station Operating Procedures.   
But her early writing wasn’t limited only to the technological side.  She’s written multiple dog training and behavior articles for canine websites such as Sonora Canine Freestyle and also the Ask Blackjack column, a fun training column in the voice of her labrador retriever, then a young pup. 
She is married to a wonderful man named Doug, who is also retired Air Force, and they just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  They live in North Carolina with their two dogs.
Teresa is a featured author attending Author’s After Dark in New Orleans. For more information about AAD2012, click HERE
Also, keep reading to learn more about Teresa’s newest release, Lone Wolf (Book #2 in her Maxey Wizard Series).
Please help me welcome Teresa to That’s What I’m Talking About.
Twimom: Teresa, welcome back to the blog and thank you for stopping by.
Teresa: Hey Jen!  I’m thrilled to be back here.  I love your blog. Some great reviews and just a lot of fun. 
Twimom: Ah, thank you so much! Just so you all know, I adore Teresa and I am a big fan of her work. And… she’s going to be my roomie at AADNOLA!  
First… let’s talk about Maxey Wizards! I really like this series a lot! Can you tell us more about the series?
Teresa: YAY, and I can’t WAIT until we get to meet in person.  Ok, Maxey Wizards is a 5 book series of 5 Maxey siblings – 4  boys and one girl, and what happens when their relatively normal world of wizarding magick is invaded by shapeshifters. The first two, Tigress by the Tail, and Lone Wolf are both out already.  The books are typically higher action, with a lot of danger and fighting involved.  And of course, some seriously hot scenes.
Twimom: I recently read on your blog that you are working on the third installment of the Maxey Wizard series. *squee* What’s up next for the Maxey siblings?
Teresa: Oh the next one, Cougar’s Fate, is all about Jared, and what happens when he wakes to find himself trapped with a starving cougar.  Only thing is, she’s not your average cougar. She’s a GSA Assassin, trained since childhood to kill in every way possible without remorse.
Twimom: Yea! I can’t wait!! You also have a wonderful shifter series: True Mates. Will you share a bit about this series as well?
Teresa: True Mates holds a special place in my heart because they are my first series.  It tells the tale of shifters who meet their mates, but unlike the Maxey wizard series, it’s all about the pack.  Or the family.  This series takes us into the hearts and minds of the true wolfpack and how they operate.  Or, the shifter pack, at least.
Twimom: Do you have any other series or genre books that you are working on? Can you share?
Teresa:  Well, I’m trying to work on a new futuristic book, but that’s going to take a while.  It’s very different from anything you’ve seen from me to date, set about 100 years into the future, and is more of a political revolt type thing.  The characters are typically human, but have begun evolving some special talents as well.
Twimom: Let’s talk about Authors After Dark 2012. Why AAD? What are you looking forward to most at AAD? What are you looking forward to most in NOLA?
Teresa:  It’s funny, but my first thought about AAD is how exciting it will be to meet all the people I tweet and chat with.  As an author and reader of all things paranormal, we tend to meet others with our same likes and dislikes, and it’s going to be so awesome to meet everyone in person!
Twimom: *nods head in agreement* I always like to ask authors about their reading habits… What types of books do you enjoy reading? What was your favorite read in 2011 or so far in 2012?  
Teresa: Wow, that’s difficult, isn’t it?  I always say I don’t have a favorite, because I love all books equally.  I can tell you I read JR Ward’s newest, and Tohr’s book left me teared up for two straight hours of reading.  It’s a long book, so it took me about 10 hrs to read (yes, I read very fast).  I can’t say I adored the first half of the book, but the last half gave me everything I love in a book, and the emotional punch it packs left it in my mind for a very long time. 
Twimom: What upcoming 2012 releases are you most excited to read?
Teresa: Another tough one.  Right now I have about 15 books in my to be read list in Kindle.  Books I’ve already bought and haven’t had a chance to read.  I’m especially looking forward to Tempted by Rebecca Zanetti which is already waiting for me, and I’m waiting with bated breath for Lynsay Sand’s newest vampire book (I do love those).  But there are so many awesome books to choose from.
Twimom: Teresa, once again thank you so much for taking the time to tell my readers a little bit about yourself and your writing. It was wonderful chatting with you. I look forward to hanging out with you in New Orleans!
Teresa: And I you. I’m coming with some very fun clothes for the trip.  Let’s put it this way, everyone is going to be able to find me at this conference.  And if you’re coming, don’t forget to take a look at the baskets to bid on – Because I’m giving away a free kindle with mine!
You can find Teresa on line at 
More on Lone Wolf:
Once the victim of scientific experimentation by the Government Control of Supernatural Activities (GSA), Damon doesn’t have a past, and he isn’t sure he has a future. He doesn’t even know if his ability to change from human to wolf is a virus, or magick. But the instant he lays eyes on the pretty cop from the local police force, he knows he has to learn the secrets of his past before they destroy her future.
Krystal is the best animal cop on the police force, hiding magickal talent beneath layers of excuses and quick thinking.  For five years she’s tracked Peter Burke, a butcher who steals any form of canine to supplement his dietary needs.  The day she saves a wolf from losing his head at the sharp end of an axe, her entire life changes.  And then there is Damon, the mysterious, sexy ex-soldier with no memory of his past who awakens fantasies of dark and sensual nights.
But the GSA isn’t finished with Damon, and when the shadowy government agency joins forces with Burke, Krystal too finds her life in jeopardy, the target of men and women led by their own desires. Damon and Krystal must work together to stop evil and destroy years of illegal research. But can their budding love survive when experiments distort Damon’s shifting skills, creating a monster?

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  1. Wake up everyone!!!! Drop her a line! Hey, just to wake you up, here’s a little teaser from the prologue of the next book in line for the Maxey series:

    The beast stalked her prey, crouching in preparation for the kill. The creature didn’t move, as though waiting for her sharp teeth to pierce its spine. She sniffed. Blood lay heavy in the air. Hunger rumbled in her stomach. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d eaten. Her captors kept her lean and thin, watching each of her kills with interest, waiting for the moment she would give in and become nothing but the animal she fought.
    The human inside her once cringed each time her fangs pierced the spine of a human.

    That was along ago. Now survival was all that mattered.

    This time there would be no remorse.
    Each soft step took her closer to her next, much needed meal. Starvation tugged at her soul, the animal more hungry than ever before. The only way to quiet the rolling pain would be to give in to the need. She opened her mouth, inhaling and tasting the dank air of the cavern. The man beast lay before her, the scent of his blood and sweat filled her mouth with it’s taste and her nostrils with its sweet, coppery fragrance. Her mouth watered and she chanced a rumble of pleasure before stepping closer. Her long, cat tongue licked her lips.

    The human part of her waivered. Something about him was different. He smelled good. Good enough to roll over his body, covering herself in his odd spice. Good enough to eat.

  2. Oh very cool… if I get you chatting too much about dogs in NOLA feel free to tell me to take a breath and change topics. My two passions books and dogs… I am looking forward to seeing all the styles that people will be sporting, I am a big fan of people watching. I swear it’s not in the creepy way either. 🙂

  3. LOL Carolline, never fear, I can talk dogs till the cows come home and then leave again. 😀 Not a problem. I can’t wait to meet everyone. I’m looking forward to the styles too. I’ll be easy to find. I’m the shapeshifter hanging out there. 😀