Review: Heart of the Incubus

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Heart of the Incubus
Author: Rosalie Lario 
Release Date: Jan. 2, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Demons of Infernum Series #3.5
ISBN: #978-1937044824
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Author 
About the book:
Biochemist Cresso Taylor lives the sort of lifestyle most men would envy—he has wealth, natural incubus charm, and more women than he can handle. But it’s not enough anymore. Not after meeting Genevieve Russell, the sexy scientist who works with him at Elcorp Laboratory. And she wants absolutely nothing to do with him.
After her fiancé broke her heart, Genevieve has had enough of womanizers. She’s determined to steer clear of sexy-as-sin Dr. Taylor, despite the fact that his incubus allure makes her want to rip his clothes off. But when a secret admirer’s affection turns to the macabre with threatening notes and grisly gifts, Cresso appoints himself her protector. As she and Cresso hunt her stalker, she discovers there’s a lot more to the sensual incubus than she ever imagined.
What Im talking about:
The story opens with Incubus demon, Cresso admitting to himself that he’d done the unthinkable – he’s fallen in love. Unfortunately for him, the object of his desire human scientist, Genevieve, wants nothing to do with him. Cresso and Gen work together at Elcorp Laboratory, where they find cures and treatments for different demon species. (Side note: Incubus demons emit a toxin during sex that will kill any creature not of their own species. Elcorp has developed an immunization so that Incubus demons can safely have sex with humans.) Gen, knowing Cresso must have sex to survive — and that he is a notorious playboy — refuses to give in to her attraction to Cresso. However, when Gen’s life is threatened by a mysterious stalker, she turns to Cresso and a friendship develops.
I jumped into Heart of the Incubus without any prior knowledge of the series nor expectations of what would happen. I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Lario’s novella. The story was fun and different from anything I’ve read in recent history. Although there are familiar elements – heroine hating hero after being hurt in her past, strong heroine taking solace in arms of hero, etc. – the mythology is clever and interesting. Ms. Lario does an excellent job bring a newbie like me up to speed and giving me enough details to feel comfortable without over-burdening me with minutia. 
What I noticed immediately is that Ms. Lario has an excellent grasp of creating a scene. She provides amazing descriptive details, while working them in seamlessly into the plot. The story opens so crisp and sharp… I felt like I was there in the lab. 
Both Cresso and Gen are fairly predictable characters, but that doesn’t make them boring. His need to protect, their mutual internal conflicts over “should I or shouldn’t I?”, her self-doubt and anger… they flow together and kept me reading. And just when I started getting tired with some of the drama, Ms. Lario moves on. Well done!
Overall Heart of the Incubus is a very pleasant and sexy story. The tempo stayed fairly fast-paced, and there was a bit of a suspenseful whodunit. I enjoyed the characters, especially their inner monologues and the romance. I definitely would like to check out more of the Demons of Infernum Series books.  
My Rating:

Liked it a lot – recommend (B+)

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