Review: Party of Three

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Party of Three
Author: Lacey Alexander 
Release Date: April 3, 2012
Publisher: NAL
H.O.T. Cops Book 2
ISBN: #978-0451235749
Genre: Erotic Romance, m/m/f
Format(s): Paperback (336 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher 
About the book:
One man’s putting her first…
Mira Adams knows she has a great guy in long-time lover Ethan West – he’s smart, handsome, and sexy as hell. And she’s always been respectful of Ethan’s work – his law enforcement training with the H.O.T. team has led him on an admirable path of aiding the disenfranchised. Yet over time she’s begun to fear that she’ll always come in second to his career.
Another man’s returning from her past…
To prove otherwise, Ethan has planned a very special weekend getaway for her birthday. His gift is Rogan Wolfe, Mira’s old flame and one of his friends from the H.O.T. unit, who’s more than happy to make Mira’s deepest fantasy come true—to be shared by two men devoted only to her pleasure.
The party of three is just getting started…
Where Ethan is caring and well-meaning, encouraging Mira to explore her sexuality, Rogan is irresistibly bad to the bone, soon pushing her to expand her erotic limits in new and outrageous ways. Yet falling for Rogan all over again is one boundary she never imagined she’d cross. And submitting to this desire could change everything.
What B is talking about:
I can’t help thinking about this novel in two completely different ways: first, as a love story, and second, as a collection of erotic scenarios. I found myself having to weigh both aspects of Party of Three separately in order to really get into the book, and unfortunately still had some difficulties keeping a solid connection to what was happening on the pages. 
In terms of the story itself, Party of Three left me feeling neutral in several ways. The premise is a fairly common one (Mira and Ethan want to rediscover the spark they used to have, and Ethan brings in Mira’s ex to fulfill her fantasy of a threesome), but relating to the characters was a fairly difficult. Mira struck me as somewhat spoiled and indecisive, rather than complex. Ethan is a little more interesting, but his devotion to Mira lacks any believable foundation. Rogan’s purpose is to be the token bad boy ex. None of the three are ever more than what they appear to be on the surface despite the inner turmoil they’re all supposed to be experiencing. 
As work of erotic fiction, Party of Three covers just about everything imaginable in a ménage involving one woman and two sexy men. Mira, Ethan, and Rogan explore everything short of any m/m interactions with an impressive amount of enthusiasm. Alexander is pleasantly liberal with her sex scenes, offering one explicit possibility after another, from the beginning of the novel to the end. Mira’s initial hesitancy fades almost immediately after the first touch from both men, and every successive scene amps up the intensity as her self-assuredness grows. The three are definitely scorching together, and nothing is held back from their trysts in either language or imagery. 
Party of Three is a thorough and sensual exploration of how one weekend without rules can change everything. While I wasn’t able to invest myself fully in the characters’ personalities and choices, I was certainly not disappointed in Anderson’s generosity with regards to the novel’s sex scenes. Although I had a few issues with the story as a whole, Party of Three will likely be a good addition to the bookshelf of any fan of heterotica, particularly those with an interest in ménage.
Bs Rating:
Liked it, but I had some issues – recommend (B)

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