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Shadow’s Fall
Author: Dianne Sylvan 
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Publisher: Ace
Novel of the Shadow World #3
ISBN: #978-1937007386
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format(s): Paperback (325 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

About the book:

     For three years, Miranda Grey-Solomon has kept her role as vampire Queen of the South separate from her Grammy-winning music career. But now, her dual lives are starting to collide, threatening everything Miranda and David, her Prime, have worked for.
     To make matters worse, the entire Signet Council has descended upon Austin for its ten-year summit, bringing with it Prime James Hart of the Northeast, a sworn enemy come to take his revenge on those who defied him. As Hart’s machinations lead to outbreaks of violence across the South, Miranda and David receive an unexpected offer of help from David’s sire, an ancient and powerful vampire with knowledge that may be their salvation – or their doom.

What G & U are talking about:

     Shadow’s Fall is the third book in the Shadow World series. There is so much that happens in this book, well in the later half, that Gikany and Una are still stunned.
     We start off three years after the previous book, Shadowflame, ended.  Miranda and David have been working on their relationship and Miranda’s career has started to take off.  In this book, her two lives – Queen of the Shadows and Rock Star start to pull her apart.  There are those who oppose Miranda’s very public career and are trying to stop her.  All of this is overshadowed by an old prophecy that could bring a new beginning or an end to the reign of the primes.
     Let’s start off by saying we love this world.  We enjoy the politics and the main characters.  Miranda, David, Jonathon, Deven, Cora and Faith are a great group of people.  It’s wonderful to see them and watch them interact.  The cliffhanger ending has us both gnawing our fingernails off.  It is so abrupt and filled with such vague and vital consequences that we just HAVE to KNOW what happens next!
     The novel starts out a bit slow. The book is separated into two parts: part one is the setup and part two is truly the meat of the book. We kept waiting for something to happen but we had to wait until we hit part two.  The novel seems to have dragged more in retrospect than it did while we were reading it – which is a good thing.  There’s nothing like sitting on pins and needles waiting for something to happen.  Now, don’t get us wrong, something does!  And it was nothing like what we had envisioned while reading part one.
     One thing that has irked us a bit is Ms. Sylvan’s love of killing.  We understand that this is a vampire series… killing is a part of the mythology and world.  However, killing people you spend time getting to know and care about… really sucks (please pardon the language).  This is another book where a much loved character dies.  This person dies dramatically – and yes – as a sacrifice, but we just wished it wasn’t so.  Currently Una is in a place where reality just bites and she wants to escape… this type of reality hitting her in an escape book – just grates.  But, such is life.  We can accept that it is a realistic turn, but we still do not have to like it.
     There is much conflict left at the end of this book, and sorrow mixed with a glimpse of hope.  We want to read the next book in this world since we have to know how bright this hope will be, and, to know whether it sparks a dawn or a sunset.

Their Rating:

Liked it – recommend (B+)
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2 responses to “Review: Shadow’s Fall

  1. I’m afraid of reading it because of the cliffhanger, I think I’m going to wait to read it until a closer date of the release of book fourth.

  2. Una

    I would recommend it…the ending is still driving me batty. I keep thinking…what if this, what if that… But do pick it up…it’s a good series!