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Silent Witness
Author: Shirley Wells 
Release Date: March 5, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press
Dylan Scott Mystery #3
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Format(s): e-book, audio
Book Source: Author

About the book:

      After his ex-wife bled to death in a bathtub covered in his fingerprints, the case against Aleksander Kaminski seemed open and shut. Though sentenced to life in prison, he swears he’s innocent, a claim supported by his current wife.
      Private investigator Dylan Scott finds himself drawn back to dreary Lancashire in a search for justice. The evidence against Kaminski is damning, but having been unjustly jailed himself, Dylan is compelled to peruse the case; if there’s even a small chance the man is innocent, he has to help. The other obvious suspect – the victim’s second husband – has a watertight alibi. But Dylan has a strong hunch that as usual, there’s more going on than meets the eye in Dawson’s Clough.
      The deeper Dylan digs, the more secrets he unearths. The question remains: If Kaminski didn’t murder his childhood sweetheart, who did?

What Im talking about:

      Dylan Scott, ex-police officer and current private investigator, is looking into the murder of Carly Walsingham. Currently, her ex-husband, Alek Kaminski is serving time for her death, but he claims innocence. Alek’s parents (along with current wife, Sue) have hired Dylan to discover the truth and get Alek out of jail. Among the list of suspects: Carly’s second husband: Dr. Neil Walsingham, Jamie Tinsley: a vet at Sue’s animal shelter, Neil’s current mistress: Megan Cole and Neil’s former mistress: Sonia Trueman. Although all evidence points to Alek’s guilt, Dylan Scott is compelled to take the case.
      This is my second Dylan Scott Mystery and once again, I am captivated! Ms. Wells has a knack for story-telling that keeps me on my toes and fully engaged until the very end! One of the best things about this story (and series) is that it is told from multiple points of view. This not only gives the reader insight into Dylan’s sleuthing, but paints a different portrait of the victim and events depending on who’s doing the thinking. I never really knew who was guilty until the very end. It is a very effective and suspenseful way to present the story.
      Second, I adore Dylan Scott. He is a reluctant “hero,” who is human and flawed, but a good man. I enjoy going through his thought processes and watching him interact with suspects. He is still bitter because of his dismissal from the police force (and subsequent incarceration for being too rough with a convict), and it impacts his interactions with everyone. Yet, I think it drives him to be a better detective. He has a way of putting me at ease.
      Another wonderful thing about this book is Dylan’s relationship with his family. His interactions with his wife, Bev, are touching and real. There is just enough of his personal life to give the story a compassionate touch, but not overrun the central plot. In addition, we are treated to sections of the story told by Bev. She has a newborn baby and is clearly suffering from postpartum depression. As a mom of two, I understand those feelings and fears, and it is these sections that make Silent Witness something special.
      I really don’t have anything negative to say about this book. I am a bit baffled as to why the victim (Carly) had a bruise and what was up with the heightened anxiety Alek experienced. It was the one loose end not wrapped up. Everything else found its place by the end of the tale, and I look forward to more Dylan Scott stories!
      Silent Witness is and exciting and at times suspenseful murder mystery. I was left guessing whodunit until close to the end. It’s funny that my first inclination was correct. I enjoy how Ms. Wells builds the case and gives her story a human touch.

My Rating:

Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)
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