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I know that I am supposed to be sending Twimom a review from Gikany and I regarding Devil’s Punch.  However, I have been in a rut.  Not the great one that is alluded to in shapeshifter novels, but the blue kind.  I realize that it has been almost a year since my mom passed.  I just reread the article I wrote last year (Bittersweet Mother’s Day).  Hard to believe a year has passed.  Some days it still feels so fresh and other days, it seems like ages I’ve carried/dealt with this grief.
When down in the dumps, I like to reread favorites.  Those books that pull me out of my funk, the one your fingers itch for, the ones that always feel good to read. Currently, I have been rereading the Kate Daniels series. After finishing Tohrment’s book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I found I had too much in common with the grieving process and needed to escape.  Currently, my dad has been cleaning out my mom’s closet.  He said it was time.  I was supposed to help.  I still can’t fathom it.  Her clothes still carry her perfume.  I didn’t cry while I read Tohr’s book, but I did feel that numbed pain, I was walking in Tohr and John Matthew’s shoes.  So to cheer myself up, I grabbed a sarcastic mercenary gal who stabs first and asks questions later.  Kate always makes me laugh.  I had already reread the Mercy Thompson series earlier this year and since I hadn’t read Kate recently, grabbed for her.  I’m glad I did.
Easter was better this year.  Last year, I can’t remember much of what happened.  I was still too shell shocked to contemplate Easter without my mom.  This year, this Easter I will remember.  Although she was greatly missed, I felt my mom’s presence.  The kids laughed, my munchkin hunted Easter eggs and my cousins “helped” him along.  The sun shined, the air carried the scent of flowers awakening from a long winter’s nap.  It was serene.  
However, I should have finished Devil’s Punch and for that I owe you all an apology. Gikany did…so as our usual pace, I am behind, sort of.  However, I should have it to you soon, or you might get Shadow’s Fall since, although due next week, we have that review ready.  Please check back later today – I promise we will have a review for you!  However, I thought I would at least post this.  It is the year mark, well, a little early since Easter is earlier than last year.  I would ask all of you, if you don’t mind, to please grab an old favorite on April 18th, and in memory of my beloved mom, enjoy a laugh, read a book, revisit a beloved character.     
So what book do you think you would grab?  You know what I’m reading…what would you reread for comfort?  
I wish you all a very fresh, vibrant and joyful spring!

8 responses to “The Year Mark by Una

  1. I give a nod to you, one of personal understanding. For you, only a year. For me, fifteen years.

    I don’t know if I would re-read something. But, I may grab a Snickers and a bag of classic Lays potato chips, her fave snack. That is always comforting if I get in a funk.

  2. I’m very glad to hear that it’s getting a bit “easier” for you, for lack of a better word. My heart goes out to you and I’m wishing you the best!

    Whenever I’m feeling down, I go for humor. Jennifer Crusie, the first five Stephanie Plums. Whatever forces me to laugh out loud and soon the funk is gone 🙂

  3. When my mother goes, you will find me in the fetal position in the corner of my closet. I will have to be heavily medicated. Your grief is something I can’t even imagine right now. I refuse to “go there.” I love the idea of a re-read. Most likely I’ll pull out old friends like Rhage & Mary, or Eclipse. Maybe I’ll go back farther to “S is for Space” by Bradbury, the first Sci/fi I ever read.

  4. Una

    Thank you all! Oh, when I need humor, Erin, I grab Crusie’s Agnes and the Hitman.

    Angela – comfort is comfort! When I read a comfort book – I usually have a cup of chamomile mint tea nearby (and hopefully some scottish shortbread!).

    Jules – I tried to imagine a few times the loss of my father when my friend lost her dad and couldn’t. I never expected to lose my mother this “early.” I will say, you can live through it. It’s a process, one that I started finally taking seriously this year. It helps.

  5. B.

    I have to agree with Jules. Although my father has been gone for many years, it’s my mother that I cannot imagine living without. I’m still so sorry for your loss, but glad that this Easter was better. You have a lot of love around around you, and that helps.

    I don’t know what I’d read. Possibly The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook. It’s full of research-worthy good stuff to get my brain working, and it’s a really good love story, too. Plus, Steampunk is something that my mom has never “gotten,” but she’s amused by how much I dig it. Although, any of the firsts of my beloved series might work, too. (I’m a sucker for the flagship stories.)


  6. Una

    B – Mmmm, I have to say I did LOVE The Iron Duke! I never thought of a book “to-get-my-mind-off-of-something-else”, but that is something to think about. I am blessed, I have an awesome group of friends and family.

  7. I’m very sorry for your loss Una! But I’m glad you try to find ways of coping.
    And I totally agree with you Kate Daniels is a perfect company. I will remember the 18th an honor your mom along with Kate!