Sunday Snippet #103

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Shadow’s Fall

Author: Dianne Sylvan

Shadow World #3

Publisher: Signet

27 March 2012


Miranda finished the song to deafening cheers.  She rose from her piano bench and bowed, smiling broadly, face flushed with pleasure, hair soaked with sweat from the glaring stage lights.

A tech emerged from offstage and handed her her guitar.  SHe stepped up to the microphone at center stage.

“Thank you,” she said, quieting the applause.  “I’d like to thank the Austin Live Music Festival for having me here tonight and all of you for your support… And speaking o fsuport, as we mentioned on the website last week, we’re now featuring a new T-shirt, designed by local artist Simone Veracruz, and one hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to the Miranda Grey Prophyria Research Foundation.

Another wave of applause, along with a few shouts of “We love you, Miranda!”

“I have one more song for you tonight,” Miranda wnet on, “but I’m going to need your help singing the chorus.”

Her hand slid along the guitar’s neck to find the opening chord, and she favored the audience with a mischievous smile.

Just as her pick hit the strings, Jonathon heard something strange: a faint pop and whistle, then another.

The beginning of the final song screeched into discord as Miranda jerked backward.  The microphone caught her gasp as she looked down.

Blood, berry-bright against her pale skin, blossomed from two round holes in her chest and in seconds had flooded down over her breasts and dripped onto the guitar’s glossy wood.

For a few seconds, the entire crowd of fifteen thousand went deathly silent… but that silence turned to screams of horror as Miranda Grey crumpled and fell.