Sunday Snippet #104

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NOTE: I thought a little Mother’s Day love would be a great way for us at That’s What I’m Talking About to wish all of you a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Some moms are blood related and some we are blessed to have adopted all on our own while some have stepped into our lives and provided that relationship under the guise of friendship, sisterhood, mentor, etc.  Enjoy!
Magic Without Mercy
Author: Devon Monk
Allie Beckstrom #8
Publisher: Roc
Released: 3 April 2012
She was quiet for a bit, then, “I’ve been a member of the Authority for many, many years.  Most of my life, really.  I’ve seen so many people pass away.  Friends, family.”  She pulled a comb through my hair, and I could feel the plastic teeth on th eback of my bare neck before the cold edge of scissors replaced them and cut again.
“But I’ve never once seen magic take such a terrible turn.  The Authority has always been strong, Allie.  No matter what happened or who decided to throw a coup, the Authority has remained true to it purpose.  There have always been more of us with good intentions, logic, common sense, and conviction to see that the laws of the Authority are upheld.”
She placed the scissors on the countertop behind her and pulled out a razor blade.  She ran the blade in quick, short strokes through my hair.  
“And while I can only hope that this time everything will return to normal, that the good of the Authority will stand, it is also true that I have never once in my life seen magic damaged.  Changed into something that could mutate the Veiled, changed into a disease.  Poisoned.
“So,” she said a little more firmly.  “I wanted a chance to say that I am so very fond of you, Allie.  I’ve watched Zayvion grow from a very serious boy to a very serious man, and I have never seen him as happy as when he’s been with you.”
“Not even with Chase?”  I asked before I could stop myself.
It was a stupid thing to ask.  Chase was dead, and she had dumped Zayvion long before he and I started seeing each other.  But he and Chase had been together for a long time, had fought together side by side.  Had trained together and fallen in love.  A small, insecure part of me wondered if I’d ever fully have his heart.
“Not even with Chase,”Maeve said.  “I know he’s a quiet man.  But if he ever lost you, if you died, I don’t know how he would go on.  You’re more a part of him than anyone he’s let into his life.”  She topped cutting my hair and walked around in front of me so she could begin on my bangs.
“I want you to be very careful.  There isn’t a person in Portland who won’t be looking for you.  Most of them to do you harm.  If you were my daughter, I’d pack you up and send you out of town.  Overseas.  But I know you won’t leave town and won’t back down from this fight.”
“Would you?” I asked.
She stopped cutting and I looked up at her.  She smiled.  “No.  I’d stay right here and fight until they kicked my cold body into the grave.”
“You and I are a lot alike that way,” I said.  “And I love you too, Maeve.”
“Ah, Allie.”  She shook her head, the corners of her eyes glittering with tears.  “There’s a reason I never had a daughter.  It’s so there’d be room in my heart for you.”
She reached down and gave me a quick hug, which I returned.
“Now, that’s enough of that nonsense,” she said as she pointed to the mirror over my shoulder.  “Let’s take a look at the new you.”
I turned in the chair so I could see my reflection in the mirror.