Review: A Taste for Revenge by Patrice Michelle

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A Taste for Revenge
Release Date: March 5, 2012
Publisher: Self-published
Kendrian Vampires Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Author
About the book:
Revenge is a dish best served cold. No one knows this better than Jacqueline (Jax) Markson. Ever since she can remember, her father has spoken of revenge-revenge against all vampires. When his wife died after giving birth to Jax, John Markson blamed the vampire who’d bitten his pregnant wife for his loss and he dedicated his life to ridding the world of all vampires. After Jax’s vampire-hunter father is viciously killed, she takes up the reins where he left off. Her first order of business: take out the vampire who killed her father.Ian (The Enforcer) Mordoor has a job to do. Before he can take over the Ruean vampire clan’s leadership position, Ian vows to hunt down Drace, the rogue vampire who brutally killed a human vampire hunter named John Markson. What Ian doesn’t expect to find during his quest is his mate in a human vampire hunter named Jax–-a woman who’d rather kill him than kiss him.

What B is talking about:
Warning: contains some instances of dubious consent.
From their initial meeting while chasing down the same rogue vampire, Ian Mordoor knows there’s something special about Jax. She’s far stronger than he initially gives her credit for, which, of course, attracts and arouses him instantly. Setting the tone for the rest of their interactions, Michelle offers up this gem of a quote from Ian:

“She could’ve dropped her weapon and grabbed onto him with two hands, but instead she chose to hurl death threats at him. What a woman!”

And so begins his pursuit not only of their mutual target, but also of Jax herself.
Jax has been conditioned since birth to believe that all vampires are evil and should be eradicated. She’s spent her entire adult life making herself over into a perfect vampire hunter: strong, smart, and solitary. Too bad everything she thinks she knows about the world, and herself, is about to come unraveled at the hands of the sexy hybrid vampire who’s claimed her as his own.
I was pleasantly surprised by the first novel in this series, A Taste for Passion, but was even more so by the second. A Taste for Revenge is a fast-paced tale of retribution, love, and lust, and centers around two of the most enjoyably stubborn main characters I’ve encountered to date.
Ian and Jax are great together, at least in part because they spend most of the novel trying to navigate their evolving relationship, which is a hostile endeavor at best. Jax’s independent nature clashes gloriously with Ian’s occasional bouts of “Alpha Male” complex, and I’m sure they’d have murdered one another in the first half of the novel were it not for the explosively satisfying sex they discover with each other.
Aside from a couple of instances of “dubious consent,” a device I generally have a strong aversion to, I thoroughly enjoyed A Taste for Revenge. Unlike most other stories I’ve read that employ this tactic, I was able to reconnect with the story quickly once the scene was over and was completely engaged throughout the rest of the novel. The affection they have for one another felt so genuine, and the story as a whole hooked me so thoroughly, that I couldn’t stop reading until the very end.
In A Taste for Revenge, Ms. Michelle not only matches the storytelling of the previous novel in the series, she surpasses it. Ian and Jax are perfect for one another, the extremes present in their natures tempered by the love that catches them both off guard. It’s pretty easy to tell where the story is going most of the time, but it’s still lots of fun getting there. The Kendrian Vampires have delivered some great conflicts and sexy couples so far, and if the next one reads as well as this one, it’s going to be just as good. I can’t wait!
Bs Rating:
Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)
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