Review: All That Falls by Kimberly Frost

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All That Falls
Author: Kimberly Frost   
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Etherlin Series #2
ISBN: 978-0425250907
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (336 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
The Etherlin muses have long served as the source of divine inspiration. Now their world stands between the forces of Heaven and Hell…
As his muse, Cerise propelled her musician boyfriend to the heights of fame, but when he dies under mysterious circumstances, her powers vanish. Now Cerise is plagued by disturbing half-formed memories of his final night…until she meets Lysander, who seems to hold the key to restoring her memories and abilities.
Fallen archangel Lysander is consumed by his quest for redemption until it leads him to the captivating Cerise. Now his thirst for revenge is rivaled only by his passion for the woman he can’t forget and won’t resist.
Bound by blood and stalked by a deadly enemy, will they pay the ultimate price for succumbing to their passion? 
What VampBards talking about:
Novels of the Etherlin are entirely awesome.  While I didn’t need to read the first title in this series, All That Bleeds, it was enjoyable and well-written.  Important to note:  author Kimberly Frost does a fabulous job filling in any blanks that might be present in book two, All That Falls.  In my opinion, you could jump in to the series with this title…but I’m willing to bet you’d be chomping at the bit to backtrack to book one!
All That Falls picks up a couple months after the conclusion of All That Bleeds.  It’s a rather seamless transition, and any questions about the interim time are answered.  We were introduced to Merrick, Alissa, and Lysander in the first book of the Etherlin series.  We were also introduced to Cerise, a muse.  This is a well-written angels/fallen angel/demon/vampire/muse read.  Covers most bases, with regard to paranormal worlds.  Ms. Frost did an excellent job with her world-building, and connecting all the dots for the reader.  I didn’t find holes in her world-building, and found I really enjoyed the way she created sub-divisions of the vampire race.  
Part of the conflict is left-over from All That Bleeds.  That’s OK.  I’m good with reading through the series to see how the major conflict in the series arc plays out.  The major conflict from All That Falls centers around Cerise and her inner turmoil over her deceased boyfriend, a musician who was one of her aspirants.  The circumstances surrounding his death are sketchy at best, and Cerise, with a hole in her memory, has a major guilt-trip about the situation.  When she finds his last journal in a concert hall in the Etherlin, she’s ecstatic… enter Lysander.  
Cerise met Lysander during All That Bleeds, in-passing.  He’s a fallen angel, looking for redemption… and Merrick is integral to the prophecy about said redemption.  While Lysander has killer good-looks, musical prowess that makes women weep, and a highly-developed ability to maim and kill, he also has a staunch moral compass that prevents him from acting on certain wants and desires.  Brooding hero.  Yup.  That’s him.  Cerise is on his radar, and initially, he follows this inner compass to keep himself from falling for her.  Because Lysander has little sense of humor, and seems to be drawn to irony, every time he would comment via inner monologue that it’s so much better for everyone concerned if he’s not involved … I had the overwhelming urge to ask, ‘How’s that workin’ for ya?’.  
While it seems at though the Etherlin society is falling apart at the seams in this title, I think that there is hope for the future of this Utopian society wannabe.  Foreshadowing for the future plot arcs in the series has been accomplished.  I couldn’t figure out who the next installment will focus on for a couple, though.
Did I mention Ox yet?  He’s Merrick’s bodyguard.  I **heart** him!  He seems like a complete teddy bear (until you tick him off).  I really enjoyed how tender he was with Jersey near the end of the book.  
I was really good with the ventala (half-breed vampires), as well as the rest of the world-building and character development.  I really didn’t have much of a problem with the title over-all.  I’d like to see some detailed explanations of these characters for more description.  At points few and far between, a couple times, The characters felt a bit flat for 20-35 pages.  I am, however, excited to see the way Ms. Frost resolves the over-arching conflict.  For the series.  
VampBards Rating:
Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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