Review: Hunting Kat by PJ Schnyder

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Hunting Kat
Author: PJ Schnyder 
Release Date: July 4, 2011
Publisher: Carina Press
The Triton Experiment #1
Genre: Sci-fi Romance, novella
Format(s): E-book, Audible Audio
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About the book:

     As a mercenary, Kat Darah doesn’t have to pass for a normal human. On the edge of the solar system, she’s just another biped. Most of the time.
     Nearing the end of his military tour, Lt. Christopher Rygard debates the idea of hanging up his uniform for good. Looking for answers at the bottom of a glass of scotch, he meets Kat. One shared night of mutual desire seems harmless. But when their tryst is interrupted by attackers hunting Rygard, Kat must reveal her other form, the predator beneath the human façade. 
     Together they embark on a dangerous mission—a race against time to meet the enemy’s demands, while trying to deny the passion between them. Rygard is faced with a terrible choice in the face of duty: Report the existence of a human turned shape-shifter. Or forget he ever met her. 

What G & U are talking about:

     Hunting Kat is a well written and exciting new world wrapped up in a novella.  Thankfully, there will be a book two, however, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
     Ms. Schnyder was gracious enough to offer this ebook for us to review.  We had read the premise and thought it sounded right up our alley.  Una did not realize it was a novella and you can image her shock when she reached the end.  While researching for this review, we discovered (well, Ms. Schnyder mentioned on Twitter) that there will be a second book.  Hunting Kat is an excellent introduction to this science-fiction world.  In this world, not all Shapeshifters are paranormal creatures; some are the result of a DNA virus from another alien species.
     The pace of Hunting Kat is simple and exciting.  We felt it flowed nicely, and because of its fluidity, it was incredibly difficult to put down.  The passion and connection between Kat and Rygard is sizzling.  Even though there are several minor characters we were introduced to, it was easy to fall into the camaraderie they have.  It felt as if we were reuniting with old friends.
     Gikany and Una look forward to the next book in this Triton Experiment series.  We encourage you to pick up Hunting Kat and enjoy this science-fiction romance!

Their Rating:

Loved it – enthusiastically recommend (A)