Review: Visions of Chains by Regan Hastings

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Visions of Chains
Author: Regan Hastings 
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Signet
Awakening Series #3
ISBN: #978-0451237309
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (364 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
Every witch has a destined mate, an Eternal who will serve as her guardian and complete her powers.  Once the first of the coven’s powers are awakened, the witches must race against time to join with their Eternals and protect the relics that will prevent the destruction of the world….
Deidre Sterling is tired of being used.  Her mother, the president of the United States, uses her as a prop for the television cameras.  And men pursue her only for political gain.  Determined to stand for something, Deidre throws herself into causes like the fight for witches’ rights, but ends up stepping into the line of fire.
Finn has waited eight centuries for his mate – united they will be a powerful weapon.  Unfortunately, Deidre wants nothing to do with him.  Even after gunfire awakens her powers and a kiss from Finn engulfs them in flames, she refuses to take the final step.  But as the world burns and her duty becomes clear, she realizes that some passions are worth paying the ultimate price for…
What G & U are talking about:
The third installment in the Awakening series, Visions of Chains was better than its predecessor, Visions of Skyfire.  Gikany and Una enjoyed this latest installment in this intriguing world.
Deidre Sterling is a fascinating character.  Despite her position as the daughter of the President, she strives to be her own person.  However, she is sadly accustomed to people using her to gain something: power, money, access to the president, etc.  Not surprisingly, she has few friends and fewer lovers.  Deidre seems content to work for the Rights for Witches (RFW), a group dedicated to stopping the imprisonment and execution of women who are accused of witchcraft.  
As you may imagine, betrayal is a huge plot device in Visions of Chains.  There are a few unexpected twists, but each are due to acts of betrayal.  No one is immune to it either, sad to say.  This is, however, a world that has returned to an era of the witch-hunts, and one where people live in fear of what they don’t understand.  Betrayal and secret keeping (especially if you are a witch) are a way of life.  Gikany and Una were amazed at both how trusting and untrusting Deidre could be.  
It is, therefore, not surprising when Deidre rejects the idea of the Mating ritual.  Even though she holds the key to saving the world, she does not want to be tied to Finn, her intended eternal.  In return, Finn does not want her… just needs her for the time being.  After a while, it becomes agonizing that they refuse to complete the Mating.  Una felt as if they were wasting time.  Their final mission was, surprisingly, fairly simple.  However, betrayal once again threw a huge snag into it all.  
Although slow in a few moments, Visions of Chains is a very passionate and intriguing story.  The realizations made by both Deidre and Finn and the mystery of the big bad are gripping. 
The Awakening series continues to be an enjoyable read.  Gikany and Una liked Visions of Chains and hope you might too.
Their Rating:
Liked it – recommend (B+)

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