Sunday Snippets #106

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Devil’s Punch

Author: Ann Aguirre

Corine Solomon Novels #4

Publisher: Roc

Released: April 3, 2012


By the time Greydusk came back, we had tidied up, Butch was done eating and taking his stroll around the patio, and I was decently covered in Chance’s shirt.

The demon paused on the threshold, sniffed, and sighed.  “It reeks of copulation in here.”

“Fire washed my cheeks.  “Hi to you too.”

“I suppose one must be thankful you have one another with whom to sate these urges.  It would be disastrous if you succumbed to a Luren.  Gilder or Lash, for instance.”

“Disastrous for whom?”

“Everyone.  If you take any native as your lover, you make him – or her – your consort here in Sheol, should you ascend.”

“Anyone who tries to touch her comes through me,” Chance bit out.  “I need better weapons, demon.”

His eyes were scary-fierce, primal in intensity; I’d seen the last of my hypercontrolled, calculating ex.  That genie was out of the bottle for good.  I suspected he’d always had these tendencies, carefully leashed, but something in Sheol – demon magick maybe – seemed to draw it out of him.  Neither of us might be entirely ourselves, but I didn’t regret what we’d done.  Not when I felt so good.

Greydusk studied us for a moment longer and then shook its head.  “I was afraid of this.”

“What’s wrong?”

“You’ve chosen him as your consort.  That will affect his thinking.  He can’t help but respond to the ancient magick.”

“Is there anything I can do to stop it?”  I asked.

“No.  Once chosen, the consort belongs to the queen until death.”

“But I’m not the queen.”

“Near enough.”…