Sunday Snippets #107

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Savage Awakening

Author: J.D. Tyler

Alpha Pack Novel #2

Publisher: Signet

Released: April 3, 2012


…”Look, I don’t have the answers you want.  I wish I did – then maybe I could help him.”

For the first time, her posture slumped.  “That’s all I want, too.  I’d just hoped . . . well, never mind.  You’ve obviously been through the wringer and I’ve kept you awake.  Thanks for talking with me.”
She turned to go and he realized he meant that – he’d like to be there if she needed him.  In fact, he didn’t want her to go at all, but there wasn’t a good way to encourage her to stay without sounding like a creeper, what with being a stranger and Micah so sick. 
Before she reached the door, she looked at him over her shoulder.  “I hope you’re feeling better and out of here fast.”
“I feel better already,” he replied softly.  He held her gaze to make sure she got the message.
A quick smile, and she was gone.
Aric sagged into the pillows with a heavy sigh.  “Jesus, what’s wrong with me?”
Already he hated her being away from him.  Where he couldn’t get to know her.  Touch her.
Fuck her against the wall.
Hadn’t something similar happened to Jax when he’d met Kira?
“Oh, shit.”
No.  That was not what was wrong with him!  His neglected libido was reacting to an unattached female, nothing more.  Wait – was she single?  He hadn’t seen a ring, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a boyfriend.
His wolf snarled, totally pissed off at the notion that there might be another male in her life.  Someone waiting for her, wherever she was from.  His lungs constricted, it became hard to breathe, and he knew one thing for sure.
He.  Was.  Fucked.

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