Sunday Snippets #108

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Sins of the Son

The Grigori Legacy #2 
Publisher: Ace
Released: March 27, 2012


Pushing both hands through his hair, he stopped beside a window and stared out.  Then he pivoted.  “I need your help, Seraph.  And your utter discretion.”
Verchiel blinked.  Nodded.
“The Power who was cast out – I need to find him.”
“Aramael?”  She frowned.  “What for?”
“The Appointed.”
“The – ” Verchiel stopped as she realized his intent.  She shook her head.  “No. You cannot – we cannot.  Mika’el, think of the risk – “
“I am thinking of the risk,” he said, “and there is more at stake than you know.  Especially now that I am aware of the Nephilim.”
“But there’s still a chance that Seth might choose in our favor -” She broke off again, working through a maze of impossibilities.  If Seth did choose Heaven’s favor, Lucifer would simply turn his wrath on the angels and loose the Nephilim against the mortal world in his stead.  If Seth chose Hell’s path, the angels would engage the Fallen in an attempt to draw Lucifer’s forces away from his murderous campaign on Earth – and the Nephilim would still move against humankind.  And if Seth died – she closed her eyes.  No matter how she looked at this, each and every path ended in the war they had sought, long and hard, to avoid.
“We can’t win, can we?” she asked.
“Not the way we’d hoped, no.  But we can try to mitigate the damage.”
“By forcing Lucifer’s hand?  The moment Seth is dead, there will be nothing to stop the Light-Bearer from engaging us in immediate war.”
“Except a Nephilim army.”
The cold sickness rose again in Verchiel’s belly.  “He grows their numbers.”
“And the longer we put off war, the greater those numbers will become.”
“You don’t plan to wait for him to strike the first blow.”
“I do not.”
“The One won’t allow it.”
“The decision is mine.”
“But if Lucifer finds out we’ve assassinated his son, we forfeit the agreement.  What then?”
Mika’el looked over his shoulder.  Emerald eyes blazed from a face that might have been carved from granite, it had gone so still.  So hard.  “Then,” said Heaven’s greatest warrior, “we face consequences none of us ever imagined.  The Power’s whereabouts, Seraph.  Now.”