Sunday Snippets #109

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Under Fire

Author: Catherine Mann

Elite Forces #3

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Released: May 1, 2012


Rachel tipped her face into the stinging spray, needing to melt away the hellish tension from carrying around the burden of what she knew.  Finally, she had someone who was willing to listen to her, to help her.  And not just anyone.


 Her skin tingled with a heat beyond anything coming out of the shower head.  The bathroom steam was so thick it almost muted the avocado green tile of the outdated bathroom.  Rivulets streaked down the brown striped shower curtain.  Everywhere around her, she confronted reminders of Liam, packing her brain with images of him standing in this shower.

The scent of his aftershave clung to the air.  Reminders of Liam greeted her eyes no matter which way she turned – his shaving gel, razor, shampoo, and sport body wash.  The space was as clean as the rest of the neatly kept house.

A crack of thunder split the air, startling her.  Maybe she should have just stood out in the rain and let it wash her clean.  She’d certainly done so in the past on SAR missions – rain, storms, waterfalls.

Thunder pounded again.  Louder.  So close it sounded nearly on top of her.  She shrieked in surprise before she could finish registering it was only someone knocking.  Knocking mighty hard.

“Liam?” she called out as the door exploded open.  His broad shoulders filled the door, his dark blond hair backlit by illumination from the hall.  “Are you okay?  You screamed.”

She yanked the shower curtain to her body and said again, “Liam!”

Disco head-butted the back of Liam’s leg, whining.  He moved deeper into the bathroom.

Her hands fisted around the brown vinyl curtain.  “I screamed because you scared the crap out of me.”

“Sorry.  Here.”  He yanked an oversized towel from the rack and tossed it to her.  “You need to get dressed.”

She snagged the towel with one hand while her other still clutched tightly to the shower curtain.  “I’m almost through.  I’ll be out soon.”

“We don’t have any more time-” He stopped in his tracks.  His eyes went wide, the sea green tint going stormy deep.  His throat moved in a slow swallow before his gaze shot back up to her face.

She been attracted to him before, more than any man since her fiance.  But Liam had mentioned that  love word back in the Bahamas.  Such a beautiful, pain-filled word.  Although he could have only been half serious about the whole love thing, she couldn’t go there again, not even partially.  She’d resisted the sensual draw during the three weeks they’d worked together on the earthquake relief.  Although right now, with her defenses stripped even barer than her body at the moment, she found it almost impossible to resist stepping into his arms again.

“Liam?”  Clutching the towel to her breasts, she swayed.

He scrubbed a hand over his square jaw, his eyes locked on her face.  “Someone blew up your town house.”