Review: The Carnality Series by DL Jackson

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Carnal Desires
Carnal Attraction
Carnal Denial
Author: DL Jackson 
Release Date: Feb-Mar 2012
Publisher: Decadent
Carnality Series 1-3
Decadent’s Edge Series
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranomal, Novella
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the books:
Carnal Desires…
When Mercedes, the town librarian, enters a place no good girl would dare to tread, she meets a man who says he’s an incubus, who has an offer too tempting to pass. After the encounter with the stranger, sanity returns and Mercedes begins to wonder if she’s lost her mind along with her memory, or if the man in the back of the adult toy store really was who he claimed to be.
Carnal Attraction…
Thousands of years have passed. Azael has returned to Jezebel, and he’s brought her memories with him. Now that Jezebel has them back, she doesn’t intend to lose them again by starving herself of life energies. So, when she encounters a broken heart in the seedy strip club where she works, she knows dinner will be special that night. This time, the feeding will be on her terms, and the man who’s wandered into her snare, shouldn’t miss the small bite of soul she takes. Much.
Carnal Denial…
Another lamb for the feast. Not likely. Jezebel knows that taking a bite out of the virgin bait the demon slayers have tossed into the club is a bad idea. But there’s also more than one way to skin a proverbial cat, or in this instance, pop a slayer’s cherry before she causes any problems. There’s nothing in the succubus rule book that says Jezebel has to play fair. After all, she need only suggest. What the slayer does with the nudge is up to her.
What Im talking about:
Book 1: Carnal Desires
Mercedes has spent her whole life being the good girl. So after her fiancé dumped her for another, Mercedes finds herself looking at sex toys in the back room of an adult-only shop. When a mysterious man shows up smelling of sex and chocolate she finds that she cannot say no to his offer for a quickie. 
All three of these books are from Decadent Publishing’s Edge series–a short story/vignette format. The first book consists of the interaction between Mercedes and the mystery lover who claims to be an incubus. It is sensual and sexy. There is an interesting twist at the end, and it leaves you with the “to be continued” feeling. Of the three stories, the was probably my “least favorite,” but I still really enjoyed. It lays the groundwork for the subsequent stories.
Book 2: Carnal Attraction
The second story picks up with Mercedes née Jezebel working in a strip club. She selects a broken-hearted solider (Mike) for a private lap dance in the back. Little does this unsuspecting soul know that he’s dinner for Jezebel and her incubus lover, Azael. The couple share an intense and highly erotic time with Mike before planting false memories in his head and sending him on his way. 
The second story is a bit more erotic than the first, to include a ménage scene. Once again, the snippet is all about sex, but we can see that Jezabel and Azael love one another. The first two stories fit well with each other and can be read as 2 chapters from the same book. 
Book 3: Carnal Denial
Cass and Theo are demon hunters, prepared to take down sex demons Azael and Jezebel. Cass is a virgin (which you have to be for hunting lust demons) and successfully infiltrates Azael and Jezebel’s club – or so she thinks. However the pair of demons are well aware of who Cass is, and Jezebel has a plan to deflower the hunter.
The third story is the most “romantic” of the trio of tales – bringing together broken-hearted Mike from Attraction and our newest character, Cass. Their coupling is very hot, and gives the hint that there may be an HEA in the future for the pair. 
In whole, the trio of stories can be read as individual short, erotic tales, but in this case, I highly recommend purchasing all three together. Each is a scene in a larger, exciting story. As I mentioned in my reviews of the “Shifter and Biker series,” another one of Decadent’s Edge offerings, these vignettes seem to be most effective as a “romance” when there is some history between the characters involved. This way the “getting to know you” is in the past, and the sex scenes are more meaningful and the story feels more complete and satisfying.  This is most certainly the case for the Carnality series. In the first story, we meet our main couple, who end up actually having a (very long) history together. Their characters continue to develop in the short spaces of the follow up books, and through them we are introduced to Mike and Cass. 
Ms. Jackson demonstrates a suburb talent for this form of storytelling – it’s not easy to convey all that she did in such a short space. I throughly enjoyed the Carnality Series and look forward to reading more from Ms. Jackson. If you are in the mood for some erotic yet sweet stories, please check out the Carnality Series.
My Rating:
Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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