Review: Too Hot To Handle by LC Dean

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Too Hot To Handle
Author: L.C. Dean 
Release Date: April 21, 2012
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: GLBT Contemporary Romance, Novella
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
Why the hell do I torture myself? Sitting in the sun and hiding a hard-on from his best friend is not Tucker’s idea of fun. He’d rather drink beer and fantasize than destroy what he and Jase have.
A good f*** between friends, what the hell’s wrong with that? Heat and lust make a man do crazy shit, but Jase intends to prove he and Tuck can be lovers and friends.
When desire flares under the Texas summer sun, will it burn too hot to handle.
What B is talking about:
Tucker’s best friend is gorgeous, blond, and completely perfect. If only Jason wasn’t straight as well as a total player. Still, Tuck can handle lusting after him from afar, as long as nothing happens to ruin the friendship they have. Jason’s got some secrets of his own, as it turns out, and he’s got plans for his personal geek that’ll change them both forever.
I tend to be a sucker for “odd couple” pairings, and Tucker and Jason definitely fall into that category. Jase is all brawn, and Tuck is the self-conscious geek who has no idea how hot he really is. Too Hot to Handle is a very short story, so there are quite a few clichés, but they streamline the backstory and allow the tale to stay true to it’s primary purpose, which is the explicit sexual reinvention of a solid friendship between two men. 
Tucker and Jason are easy to like, and I enjoyed sitting back and taking in their story as it unfolded, without the need pick through unnecessary details. For a story of this length, that’s a definite bonus. The two men are awfully good together, and possess distinct enough personalities to keep them interesting. There was a slightly uncomfortable scene to add conflict to a story that might otherwise be too easy, but Jason remedied the mistake as quickly and enthusiastically as possible.
Too Hot to Handle is essentially a snapshot of one extremely sexy afternoon of wish fulfillment between two best friends. Although I read it in less than an hour, I enjoyed it quite a bit. There’s a fair amount of predictability and some phrasing that I stumbled over a little, but the sex between the two men is hot, and the guys are kind of adorable. This is exactly the kind of story I keep on my e-reader on the off chance I’ll be able to sneak a few minutes for a steamy m/m romance. 
Bs Rating:
Liked it – recommend (B+)

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