Saturday Conversations 09/22/2012

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Hello out there!  I decided to try a new weekly feature called “Saturday Conversations.” Let me know what you think about this new feature!

This week I want to talk about the new iPhone 5 and updated iOS 6 software from Apple. What are your thoughts?

I am an Apple user. I have a MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone. While the family uses the iPad more than I do, I rely heavily upon my iPhone and the laptop in my daily life. I do all of my blog work on the laptop, and I do everything else from the phone. I love my iPhone.

I have an iPhone 4 updated with the new iOS 6 software and 32GB memory. I purchased in January 2011 as an upgrade from the iPhone 3. The biggest reasons for that upgrade were 1) memory (I only had 8GB), 2) speed (the constant updates of new software had my little phone running SO SLOW), and 3) the camera (I no longer even use my “real” camera).

Apple just released it’s newest phone, the iPhone 5, yesterday. I know some of my tweeps have already purchased it. I want to know… what do you think? Is it all that? If you upgraded – what phone did you have prior to the iPhone 5 and why did you upgrade? I am underwhelmed with the new features of the iOS 6 software on the iPhone 4… are the new features spectacular on the iPhone 4S or 5?

I’m debating upgrading to the new phone, but I want to hear more about it first. Honestly I don’t need a new iPhone — the reasons I had for my upgrade 20 months ago don’t apply here – although I would LOVE the much improved camera.

Please drop by and give me your thoughts on the new Apple iPhone 5…

Happy Saturday!

5 responses to “Saturday Conversations 09/22/2012

  1. My trainer stood in line yesterday morning and got his phone prior to our training session. He’s a total techno geek. He was so giddy about being one of the first people to have it that every time my form was off he’d say something like, “My new phone is so fast. Let me download this video and show you how to do that sit up correctly.” Brat.

  2. B.

    I have an Android, so I can’t say, but the new iPhone is awfully pretty. Every time I think about switching over, though, Apple starts teasing about a new one! Then I wait it out, and the process starts all over again. 🙂

  3. Jules: LOL! I love the video option for my kids, though!

    Sophia: WOW! You are going to LOVE moving up to the new phone. I remember when I went from 3 to 4 how much faster, sharper, nicer everything was.

    B: GET ONE! 🙂

    I called our local ATT store and they are sold out for now. I can go in and try out a demo model and preorder if I want. I’ll just wait, I think… for now!

  4. I have a 4s and have had it a little less than a year so I’m not going to be getting the 5 since I really don’t need a new phone and I’m not eligible to get a discounted price. I guess I’ll wait for the 6, by next year I’ll probably need a new one anyway. 😀
    So far, I like the new iOS 6 software, the panoramic feature for the camera is pretty sweet.