Sunday Snippet #121

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Blackhearted Betrayal

Author: Kasey Mackenzie

Shades of Fury #3

Publisher: Ace

Released: June 26, 2012


Just then one of the last voices I wanted to hear at that moment drawled from the top of the stairs.  “Gee, how nice of you to call an emergency meeting without me.  And here I thought we were partners.”

My heart sank, but I forced myself not to show it.  “Hey, Trin, thought you’d be home by now.”

She seemed slightly out of breath, as if she hurried there from somewhere else.  Knowing her, that probably wasn’t far off the truth.  “I was, but Kale and Mahina called me back fro an abduction case.  Some idiot pedophile snatched a half-Sidhe girl who looked about fourteen years old.”

I winced.  “Mortal, of course.”

“Of course.  An arcane perv would have known better.  The fourteen-year-old turned out to be closer to fifty; some vigilante who’d caught the creep snooping in her neighborhood and decided to make an example out of him.  Dude’s still alive – barely -but his family’s making noises about charging the girl with attempted murder.”

I snickered.  “They’re welcome to have his attorney explain to a jury exactly why he snatched and tried to molest an apparent fourteen-year-old.”

“Yeah, exactly.”

We’d reached the top of the stairs by then.  Her glance slid past me to Sahana, paused briefly upon Charlie, before turning back to me.  “Nice new threads.”

I shifted uncomfortably, bracing for the knock-down, drag-out to come.  “Hey, Sahi, Charlie, mind waiting for us in my office? Mac should be there.”

Trinity nodded, expression excruciatingly blank.  “He is.”

They gave us measuring looks but didn’t argue, clearing the stairwell landing and disappearing down the hall and leaving me to face someone who could be every bit as scary as my mother, mortal or not.  She didn’t mince words, either.  “What the hell, Riss?  I’ve got to find out you called an emergency meeting behind my back by catching your little brother sneaking into your office?  I thought we were past your trying to protect me.”

“I’m not -“

“Bullshit!”  She smacked the fire door so hard that the sound echoed up and down the stairwell.  “It always comes back to you thinking mortals can’t pull their weight against arcanes.  Here I thought you trusted me enough to hold down the fort while you did your Fury thing, and you’re back here checking up on me already – and in secret -“

“Jeez, Trin, would you shut up for a minute and lsiten?”  My exasperated tone and none-too-polite words had her doing just that.  The way her lips trembled in rage signaled it wouldn’t last for long.  “I do trust you to look after things.  I’m not here to check up on you.  This has nothing to do with police business and everything to do with my Fury thing, as you so charmingly put it.  We’re just meeting here because the fewer arcanes who see me in my new threads right now, the better.”

“Oh.”  Her voice grew really small, and her cheeks flushed.  “Um, sorry for jumping to conclusions.  It’s just -“

I waved that off.  “I’ve given you reason to doubt in the past; I know that.”

“So then, what’s up with all the black?  Not that it isn’t hot, but I thought – unlike your tats – Fury leather only came in one color.”

“Usually.  With one exception.  I – right now I’m serving as a Nemesis.”

She frowned.  “What, like your snake?”

“Same name, whole ‘nother ballgame.  A Nemesis is like… kind of like a U.S. Marshal drafted by the gods to investigate and hunt down one of their number who has broken immortal law.”  Trinity twitched at that.  How she could still claim to be an atheist after everything she’d seen and heard was beyond me.  “Just focus on the Marshal bit.  I’m tracking down a badass for my arcane superiors.  The new threads are temporary, and I’m on a deadline.”