Where will you be in 2013?

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I started looking at all of the “romance conferences” that will be offered in 2013. The good news: there are lots of choices and opportunities. The bad news: there are lots of choices and opportunities. 
For me, the date of the conference is the most critical aspect when selecting a conference to attend. I have commitments with work and family that limit my availability, and some of the bigger conferences fall during times I cannot attend. 
Next I look at several factors when making a decision…
  • Will there be authors attending that I enjoy reading? 
  • What is the overall size of the conference? 
  • What is the author-to-reader ratio?
  • Are there forums/workshops that appeal to me as a blogger or reader?
  • What is the cost? Are meals included? What is hotel like?
  • Where is the local – have I been there before?
  • Are any of my fellow bloggers and/or tweeps attending?
So far these are the cons I’ve researched for 2013…
Registration Cost
July 17-20
$525/$600 (non-members)
RT Booklovers
Kansas City
May 1-5
Colorado Springs
June 21-23
Lori Foster RAGT
June 6-9
(last year) $50
August 15-18
Readers & Ritas *
New York City
May 29-June 1
Prices vary depending on category of attendee.
Ellora’s Cave
Canton, OH
$250-$325 (2012 prices)
Olde City New Blood
St. Augustine, FL
February 8-10

 *The Readers & Ritas information is based on what is posted for 2012’s event.

    SO… Where will YOU be in 2013? What conferences are you looking forward to attending? Is there a con you will be attending that I didn’t mention? What factors do you look at when choosing a conference? I hope to see you in 2013!
    Happy Reading!

    12 responses to “Where will you be in 2013?

    1. Na

      If I was going I would also take into account which authors will be attending, the forums and the author-reader ratio. They sound like lots of fun and I hope you enjoy them. I wish there were some held closer to home.

    2. C: I hope to see you there!

      Na: it is too bad that there aren’t events up in CA for you – I know that there are a lot of CA fans and authors!

      Jen: That’s awesome. RT is at such an inconvenient time for me.

      Eva: Will you be attending any cons next year?

    3. I’m not sure yet. I could probably do Readers and Ritas since it’s within driving distance but I guess it depends which authors will be there. I’ve been wanting to try the Lori Foster event but schedule wise it’s not an ideal time for me – so it’s a big maybe.

      I’d heard a rumor RT 2014 might be in NOLA – I’d love to go that.

    4. I will not confirm the rumor for RT 2014 in NOLA, but I will say that if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll see news that they are working on the contracts now. My guess is unless something HUGE happens, RT is aiming be in NOLA for 2014.

      For those going to RT, if you’re a blogger…make it worth it by setting up a couple interviews before hand. It’s a great time to go once, but I’ll be honest, I did not feel like it was worth the money to me. Most of the authors hang out in the hotel lobby/bar, so getting any kind of face time is not that hard if you can stalk the bar. I was in Chicago this year, and I ended up leaving most of the night parties 20 minutes in. I had more fun in the bar.

      If RT is in NOLA, I’m already planning on going since I missed AAD there this year, but I’m not registering. Well, I’ll register for Friday & Saturday, but I’m mainly going to spend the time in the bar I believe.

      As for any other cons, I’ll be at AAD Savannah (First time) and I’m returning to Lori Fosters. I went last year, had a blast. I didn’t plan to go this year and just crashed at the last minute and I ended up kicking myself. Personally, it’s great for the money.

      I so want to try Olde City, New Blood, but I’m not sure how feasible it is just yet.

    5. You know I’ll be at Lori’s. I’m hoping to get to RWA…to at least chill at the bar a day or 2 and network. It all comes down to $$ and availability. I may hit Olde City New Blood. In next few years, I’d like to hit up RomCon and Readers and Ritas. We shall see….and yes, as Eva said, I’ve heard rumors that RT is going to try for NOLA in 2014.

    6. Looks like I’m good for Lori’s in 2013, but probably won’t make it to any others. I’d love go o RWA, and might still do it. Cost is way high, but I totally got my con fee back in free books 2 years ago. RT is on my radar for 2014 at this point. Rumors of NOLA makes me really want to go. 🙂

    7. Vicky: I’ll see you at AAD!

      Eva: Would love to meet up again!

      Jackie: I’ll see you at AAD – we’ll have a blast! I hope to go back to Lori’s too! I really want to go to Olde City, but I’m in Florida at the end of the month for school vacation… can’t go two weeks earlier!

      Nicole: Hope to see you at Lori’s … we’ll have a drink or three!

      Liza: Loved seeing you at Lori’s… hope to see you again next year!