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Hello Readers! Today I bring you debut author Casey Holloway. Casey has been chasing her dream of becoming a published writer for many years, and finally her dream has come true.
Casey grew up in the midwest as the youngest of four kids. Her family was a working class family, and she fell in love with reading at a very early age. It allowed her to escape to anyplace she wanted to be and there were no boundaries, only the possibilities of my mind.
After having lived in Decatur IL and Boston MA, she finally settled down in Orlando FL. Casey has worked as a server, a life guard, served in the USCG, been a hotel front desk clerk, a travel agent, a meeting planner, worked sales (retail, timeshare, event sales, etc.), and she is currently a Registered & Certified Pharmacy Technician.
Casey loves writing and taking people on the adventures she creates. She hopes everyone enjoys coming along for the ride.
Today Casey is going to tell us about her first book, Get’n Hammered, and why she picked the dog breeds she did for her shifter novella. Please help me welcome Casey to That’s What I’m Talking About.

Happy Friday everyone!  I am a newly published author with my first book, Get’n Hammered, debuting this past June (the paperback is due out in November).  My love for writing stems from my love of reading. With Get’n Hammered, I was inspired by my enthusiasm for paranormal along with my love for dogs. It is more than a paranormal romance it also has elements of action/adventure.

I want to give you an insight as to why I picked some of the breeds I did.  I chose for Hammer to be a Pit Bull because of their loyalty and protective nature. Pits often get painted with a very broad brush of being vicious mean dogs and this is further from the truth. They are protective of their families and were often in the past prized as the perfect family dog due to their gentle nature with kids. They got a bad rap from bad owners. I have a friend that has 2 pits and 3 kids (14 year,3 years & 6 months) and she never worries about them interacting. The dogs are always there to protect the kids and let the kids climb on them and wrestle with them. When she changes the baby the dogs are there to make sure nothing goes wrong.
I used the Doberman for their guarding abilities, and I let a smaller dog lead 2 larger ones because let’s face it, the little guy is always in charge.  The Trio was actually inspired by 3 guys I used to work with. Their personalities fit the story so well I went with it. It turned out great and it was a perfect fit into the story. They reminded me of Dobermans because they were fiercely defensive of those they care about but big puppies with those same people.
Cherry, the Brittany Pup, was inspired by my own dog. She was an older pup when I wrote this and I used the way she acted to inspire the playful antics of the character. Also I incorporated her great tracking ability to help with situations.
In my upcoming books in this series I know I am also working with Afghan Hounds, Cat shifters, blood hounds, Redbone coon hounds, chows, and more Rotties.
On a more fun note. I have organized an event with 15 other authors. We will be holding the 1st Annual Authors Photo Dog Fight. On the website you will get a chance to vote in a daily match up, and it will be an elimination style photo battle where the readers get to decide who has the cutest furbaby. All participating Authors have agreed to donate to local shelters and rescues. There are direct donation links for the ASPCA and Southeast Guide Dogs for the Blind as well. It is a fun way to get to know your favorite authors better and maybe find a new author you like as well. The event website is HERE.
The authors involved and schedule for the battles are as follows:
1. Oct 15-Mario Acevedo/Em Petrova
2. Oct 16-Stacey Kennedy/Casey Holloway
3. Oct 17-Dakota Cassidy/JE Bolton
4. Oct 18-Duffy Brown/Renee George
5. Oct 19-Morgan Kearns/Tara Lain
6. Oct 20-Dawn Montgomery/Viviane Brentanos
7. Oct 21-CJ Ellison/Michele Bardsley
8. Oct 22-Nia Shay/Christine london
9. Oct 23- Winner from 1 & 2
10. Oct 24-Winner from 3 & 4
11. Oct 25 – Winner from 5 & 6
12. Oct 26- Winner from 7 & 8
13. Oct 27 Winner of 9 & 10
14. Oct 28 Winner of 11 & 12
You can also find daily updates on my facebook page or my website (links below).
Thanks so much, Casey! For more about Get’n Hammered, read below! Also, be sure to stop by this afternoon for Vampbard’s review of Get’n Hammered.
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More on Get’n Hammered 
Silver Publishing (June 2, 2012)
Thomas Hammer, a pit bull shifter, is bound by magic in his canine form and needs to find a way to break free. He wants to show his owner, Desiree Duvall, the man of her dreams sleeps at her feet every night–she just doesn’t know it.
Hammer battles members of his old pack out for revenge and tries to protect Desiree from harm. He also discovers a secret organization of shifters who protect the outside world from discovering their existence.
Hammer breaks the spell, but still has to win the girl and save the day. Or he can sit, roll over, and stay. His destiny takes an unexpected turn and Thomas decides it’s time for Get’n Hammered.
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